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Why did Khayyam’s poems burn in the fire? / The lunch money was taken from the guests – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

To the correspondent of Mehr, long live Akbar Radi He is one of the prominent playwrights of Iranian theater, whose works have a special place in the field of dramatic literature.

“Blue Hole”, “Fall”, “Behind the Glass”, “Iranian Inheritance”, “Fishermen”, “Death in Autumn”, “Mr. Gill’s Magnificent Smile”, “Sing in the Mist”, “Hamlet with Seasonal Salad”, “Saviour in the damp morning”, “Staircase”, “Hot Egg Tango”, “Slowly with Rose”, “Night on the Wet Pavement”, “Amazkalmadoon”, “Our Night View Garden”, “Rainy City Melody”, “Khanmcheh” And Mahtabi” and “Paingoz Saqakhane” are among the lasting works of Zindayad Radi in the dramatic literature of Iran.

Behzad Farahani, who is one of the well-known artists of Iran’s theater, cinema, radio and television, went to “Blue Hole” in the field of radio and radio show and produced and performed this work in the form of a radio show.

“Rosene Abhi” is the first live play of Akbar Radi, which was written in 1338. It was supposed to be published by Jalal Al-Ahmed, but because Zindayad Radi did not agree with the changes that Al-Ahmad had in mind in the play, this did not happen. Finally, this work was published after 2 years from the time of writing. The story of the play is about a materialistic, patriarchal and traditionalist man and his children’s rebellion.

Zindayad Radi has discussed the conflict between tradition and modernity and the conflict between 2 generations in “Rosena Blue”.

Ali Mustali has arranged this work for radio.

The actors of the radio show “Blue Blue” are Behzad Farahani, Shamsi Sadeghi, Nazanin Mohimani, Behnaz Bostandoost, Nuruddin Javadian, Fereydoun Mehrabi, Bahram Sarvarinejad, Mehdi Namini Moghadam.

Effector Mohammad Reza Ghobadifar, sound operator Reza Mohtashmi and producer Jaleh Mohammad Ali are other actors of this radio show.

In the second episode of “Rozneh Abhi” with a duration of 31 minutes and 47 seconds, Pileh Agha discusses with his wife and says that he plans to forcibly return Ehsan from Tehran to Rasht and for this purpose he plans to cut off his allowance. Afshan, Pileh Agha’s daughter, argues with him because Pileh Agha does not want Anoush Fomeni and his family to be present to propose to his daughter. Pileh Agha believes that Enous Fomeni has grown like a tumor in his family and has changed Ehsan’s behavior, and now he wants to take his daughter.

Pileh Agha is still clinging to his place in Rasht and does not like to face Anoush Fomeni who is a teacher with intellectual thoughts. Afshan is reading Khayyam’s book, which Enous Fomeni gave him as a gift, and Pileh Agha gets more nervous when he sees the book and throws the book on fire.

Pileh Agha plans to get his daughter married to Haji Hajizadeh so that his property and assets will go to Afshan, but Afshan is still against it.

Anoush Fomeni and his family have come to Pileh Agha’s house to propose to Afshan, and Pileh Agha does not intend to see them, but…

Let’s listen to the second episode of the radio show “Rosneh Abi” together.

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