Why did the sale of Tigo 8 stop?

According to Tejarat News, this week, Modiran Automotive Company unveiled the Tigo 8 car by holding a ceremony. The price of this car was announced at one billion and 750 million tomans on the 25th of January, which caused many reactions in cyberspace.

After the unveiling ceremony, the sale of this car started and it is said that 80 Tigo 8 units were purchased on the first day of sale.

But criticism of car pricing continued, with Abbas Tabesh, head of the Consumers and Producers Protection Organization, banning the sale of Tigo 8 until a review and comment on the price was announced.

“False” pricing of car managers

Emad Jafari, a car expert, told Tejarat News in this regard: The price of this car was supposed to be one billion and 300 million Tomans. When it came to such a price, the dollar fell and they should not have announced an even higher price, because there was no discussion of dollar inflation.

He added: “This decision was made based on probabilities and false prices.” In this type of pricing, cars have a price that does not leave a profit margin in the market. This means that the price difference between the market and the factory is very small. Of course, in this method of pricing is very positive that the customer has the least concern to buy and sell cars.

The expert further said: In some car companies, the representatives charge 100 million tomans from the customer to register. It is possible that the car managers did this to prevent such rent.

Jafari explained: It is incorrect to put the logo of a domestic company on a foreign car and the supply price of that car is three times the price of the region. The company would not be in trouble if the price of the cars and the supply were right.

Does the letter from the protection organization have an effect on changing prices?

“It is unlikely that a change will be made with the letter from the Consumer Protection Organization,” the car expert said.

With the announced statistics of the number of Tigo 8 cars purchased on the first day of sales, it seems that the car managers have their own customers and there is no problem in selling this car. As a result, it is possible that car managers will not change their pricing practices.

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