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Winners of Asia Insurance Sales Network were introduced in life insurance and savings

According to the financial news report, according to the public relations of Asia Insurance, Masoud Badin, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Asia Insurance, in a speech congratulating the Week of the Province and the holidays of Saeed Ghorban and Eid Ghadir Kham, from the sales network and all those involved in the insurance sales festival. He thanked and appreciated the valuable life and savings and efforts of the top life insurance sales representatives and said: Life insurance is one of the profitable fields in which all representatives should be active in order to set an outstanding example in the country’s insurance industry. Register.

The CEO of Asia Insurance stated: Last year, Asia Insurance was introduced as a popular brand among the people of Iran, and certainly the empathy and synchronicity of the sales network and employees of Asia Insurance, along with providing quality services to customers, is the reason for this popularity. Fortunately, Asia Insurance operations were very good in 1401 and in terms of performance indicators in the financial and technical fields, this company is in a superior and worthy position in the insurance industry from the perspective of the supervisory body, so that this year and for the first time In the insurance industry, Central Insurance of the Islamic Republic of Iran evaluated the board of directors and managers of Asia Insurance as worthy of encouragement due to this positive performance.

The Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Asia Insurance also emphasized the continuation and generalization of holding such festivals in other profitable insurance fields in property insurance.

He added: updating the sales methods and developing and strengthening the training of representatives will definitely be effective in the quantity and quality of life insurance sales and savings and increase the portfolio of this insurance field.

In the end, Masoud Badin, referring to the unveiling of Asia Insurance’s annuity insurance policy called “Wheat Plan”, said: Expert reviews and a lot of effort have been done to offer the wheat annuity insurance policy, and we hope that with the implementation of this insurance plan, another service will be provided to the noble people. Provide Iran.

According to this report, at the beginning of this ceremony, Jila Razavi, Vice President of Personal Insurance and Insurance Asia Insurance, in a speech while congratulating the selected representatives of Insurance Asia Life Insurance Sales Competition, emphasized the importance of life insurance as a stable and profitable field for the company and a valuable service. He emphasized for people and insurers. He further explained the features of this plan by introducing the new pension plan of Asia Insurance under the name of wheat plan.

In this event, the Director of Asia Insurance Life Insurance and Savings also explained how to hold the life insurance and savings sales festival and life insurance sales competitions, as well as the indicators for choosing the best representatives in these competitions.

In another part of this ceremony, with the presence of the CEO and members of the board, the lottery of the winners of the 7th Asia Insurance Life Insurance and Savings Festival was held and also the new plan of pension insurance named “Wheat Plan” was unveiled.

And finally, in the final part of the ceremony, to 55 selected representatives of this competition in three groups of representatives who are members of the Billionaires Club, sales representatives of Amr and Savings Insurance (bylaws 75), specialized representatives of life insurance (bylaws 96) and also supervisors Selected provinces including Isfahan province (rank one), Alborz province (rank two) and Mazandaran province (rank three) were awarded statues and certificates by the CEO, members of the board of directors and deputy CEOs.

It should be mentioned that in the ceremony of honoring the top life insurance sales representatives, the CEO of Asia Insurance was accompanied by Seyed Mehdi Sadeghi and Faramarz Khajir, members of the Board of Directors of Asia Insurance. This event, which was held in the Abolghasem Ferdowsi Hall of the National Bank of Iran in Tehran, was broadcast online to all employees and the sales network throughout the country.

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