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World Cup 2022 The hands and feet of England’s extremist fans were tied/ establishing security with 20,000 cameras

According to the Fars news agency, the English newspaper “Telegraph” wrote: “England or Wales fans who misbehave in the World Cup in Qatar will not be safe from the eyes of 20,000 cameras in 8 stadiums.”

This newspaper wrote: With this number of surveillance cameras, this tournament becomes the most surveillance of its kind.

According to this report, Qatari organizers have said that fans will be monitored from the moment they enter the stadium until they leave and throughout Qatar. A monitoring and control center has been set up for the matches, which relays instructions to the security staff at the ground to prevent any trouble as soon as it starts.

Local organizers say artificial intelligence programs are so advanced that they can tell if a spectator is angry by analyzing facial expressions. The cameras are powerful enough to zoom in and identify every spectator in every single seat in the stadium.

From their screens, operators can open and close doors, check crowd flow and tell how many people are in an area of ​​the stadium at any given time, the Telegraph wrote.

Abdul Rahman, Chief Technology Officer of the Qatar World Cup Organizing Committee, said: “The policy is to store all footage captured by the stadium’s 20,000 cameras for a maximum of 120 days afterwards. The safety and security of fans is of great importance. We want to make sure we run a safe event.

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