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According to Tejarat News, a large number of houses in Iran have a long life and have lost their use, but due to the lack of financial ability of their owners or some other cases, they have not been restored and renovated.

In recent years, due to the lack of residential land for construction, especially in the metropolis of Tehran, the dilapidated fabric has received more attention from the municipality and relevant institutions. The 13th government has also considered incentive plans for construction in worn-out contexts, and there have also been talks about building units of the National Housing Movement.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development has stated in this regard some time ago: In the plan to build one million residential units per year, a share of 200,000 units has been considered for the rehabilitation and retrofitting of worn-out structures, and even some of them have been implemented.

Use of worn texture in the 7th development plan

Part of the 7th development plan also indicated the government’s desire to build people’s buildings with dilapidated fabric. In this mentioned program, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development is allowed to apply a discount of up to 40% in the price of the units in order to encourage the owners to participate in the renovation of the worn-out structures, in the process of exchanging the worn-out units of these areas with newly built units. Also, lands or residential units in worn-out context are priced up to 40% more than the professional price.

1402 used fabric loan

Another incentive scheme that the government has considered for the renovation of worn-out fabrics was the payment of worn-out fabric loans. Based on this, the government has decided to pay 600 million tomans to the owners of the houses around the holy shrines of the four cities of Tehran, Mashhad, Qom and Shiraz. The ceiling of this loan is 450 million tomans in worn-out structures of other cities.

On the other hand, national housing applicants in these areas also hoped to be able to use the ceiling of the National Housing Movement facility, but the story of worn-out structures did not end at this point.

The performance of the government in the renovation of worn-out fabric

The government’s recent performance in the field of renovation of dilapidated structures shows that the promises in this field have not been implemented as in other areas of the housing sector, and the words and actions of the officials are not very consistent.

The managing director of Tehran’s renovation has announced in a conversation with Fars that the circular issued recently by the Central Bank indicates that loans will not be allocated to Tehran’s dilapidated structures.

Also, worn-out fabrics are deprived of the cheapest and highest construction loan ceiling with 18% interest that is currently paid in the banking network, and they have been crossed out from the list of construction loan beneficiaries, they can only benefit from 23% bank loans.

In this way, as it seems, the 13th government has not made much progress in the field of rehabilitating bad loans, like other housing projects in the country.

Also, in recent times, the government has started to shrink the statistical population and exclude some applicants in relation to the national housing movement plan and the advancement of the project, which after two years has not yet brought any benefit to the people, in order to increase the number of built units. Add this plan!

In addition to all these cases, the underprivileged sections of the society, especially in the big cities, now need shelter so that they can have a minimum life through it, and this is while the government even avoids allocating facilities and building housing to some people.

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