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Xiaomi will soon introduce the Mi Mix 5

We are slowly approaching the Double 11 campaign in China and many other countries celebrating this day. Single Day has become so important today that even festivals like Black Friday are not numbered. Companies and stores try to drive customers to buy more by applying the most discounts, and singles try to lay the foundation for themselves and prepare a valuable gift for themselves on this day. Along چیکاو Be.

With annual sales of the Chinese Festival 11.11 (Double 11), the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 now retails for less than 4,000 yuan ($ 626) in some stores. This price is very tempting for a high-performance and quite attractive flagship smartphone. So far, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 has been well received in the market and the company is developing a replacement. According to popular Weibo whistleblower @DCS, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 will hit the market on schedule. In addition, he revealed that the progress of the preparation and production of this smartphone seems to be faster than the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 was released on August 10 (August 19) this year, which marks the return of the Mix series after 3 years. According to speculation and rumors so far, Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 will enter the market in June or July (June to August) next year. However, there are reports that this device could be introduced sooner. According to @DCS, the introduction of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 has not been finalized yet. Currently, many of the features of this phone are still in the verification stage. It seems that this flagship of the future will be equipped with more new technologies.

The Xiaomi Mi Mix 5 is expected to use a 2K display compared to its predecessor, which comes with support for a 120Hz refresh rate. The smartphone will also ship with the Snapdragon 898 chip and will use a combination of 16GB of RAM plus 1TB of internal storage. In addition, Xiaomi will do its best to reduce the weight of this device. This flagship smartphone should also have a more powerful CMOS, better cooling system and faster charging speed.

Xiaomi will improve the display and camera of the Mi Mix 5 - Chicago

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  • Xiaomi will improve the display and camera of the Mi Mix 5

According to recent reports from @DCS, Xiaomi’s next-generation flagship is developing a camera with customized high-resolution specifications below the screen. This solution will have a better screen effect than the Xiaomi Mi Mix 4, perhaps with a screen up to 2k. If such a resolution is considered for its screen, the screen quality of this phone will be at the same level as normal flagships.

Unfortunately, increasing the quality of the camera means reducing the quality of the screen. While Xiaomi has been able to improve the quality of photos taken with the camera under the screen, the screen can not be high resolution. This is an area that needs development and is a bit of a problem for many.

Screen and back panel of Xiaomi Mimix 5 - Chicago

Next year, the quality of the camera under the screen is expected to be much better. Therefore, there is no need to choose between screen quality and screen performance. This greatly enhances the popularity of innovative and effective cameras under the screen. In another report, @DCS also claims that 200-watt wired fast charging for smartphones will enter mass production next year.

Of course, it is currently expected that the Xiaomi Mimix 5 will be equipped with both a 200-watt fast charge and a new display. Obviously, if these features are used in the Xiaomi Mi Mix 5, it will turn it into a flagship killer. Therefore, this device is worth the wait.

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