10 of the most important mistakes of mechanics

One of the best ways to save money as a car owner is to avoid going to the mechanic as much as possible. But the mechanics are not that simple. In the following The most important mistake of mechanics we have brought

Not paying attention to the standard amount of screw tightening

Spoiling screws is something that can always be avoided. Every time you screw up a screw, you get an unpleasant feeling and you get angry at yourself.

Fortunately, most of the time you can remove these screws with a drill or a proper junk screw tool, but it’s really a hassle. So always use the right tool for each screw and save your time.

Not paying attention to the standard of tightening the screws in your car will cost you when, for example, the wheel is thrown to one side! So don’t tighten anything by hand.

Also, don’t use an “electric impact wrench” in a simple way; If there is a rotation standard for the screw, follow it.

Using similar parts

one of The most important mistake of mechanics The use of similar parts in the repair. This is what we can do when we cannot find the original spare part. Especially in the case of older cars, whose parts are difficult to find, we use the initiative to assemble other parts. Regardless of the fact that after some time this car will gradually fall apart in the duality of different models with different parts.

Failure to comply with safety principles against chemicals

Many chemicals used, from solvents to sprays, may be harmful to the skin or respiratory system. Failure to comply with safety instructions and not using masks, gloves and proper clothing will make the mechanic regret his work in the future.

Not using the right tools

Of course, not everyone works for level mechanic shops with different tools to do different jobs. But when you find a home repair method online and the tutorial tells you to use a specific tool for this purpose, you should definitely use the right tool for the job. This tool can even be a wheel lock wrench.

Underestimating the time to do a task

Promising one thing to be done at a certain time from another The most important mistake of mechanics Is. When you are working on a car, it is best if the customer is not waiting for you. Also, if you are out of the workshop or doing something based on an online tutorial, it is better to give yourself a few hours or even a few days more time. When you work on a car yourself, you may encounter various problems.

Breaking rusty screws

Unfortunately, when you encounter such screws in a car, there is not much that can be done about them. One of the first solutions is to soak them in a lubricant such as PB Blaster for a while and then pray that you can open them later. Sometimes when twisting them, their heads come off, which is not a pleasant thing at all.

A jumble of unfolded pieces

The most important mistake of mechanics It is not only limited to repair, disorder may also be one of the problems. Imagine you’ve completed a repair and find that you can’t find half the parts. In this situation, you can make others laugh more. So, proceed with everything regularly. Put bolts and nuts in a bag, label everything and don’t lose anything.

Misdiagnosis of failure symptoms

If you misdiagnose a sign on your car based on something you found on the internet, you’re in for a tough time. Many of us continue to order parts, and while we keep getting more parts, our problem still doesn’t go away. So, even if you don’t want to take your car to the repair shop, get help from an expert in this field. If you don’t, you’ll end up spending far more than you need to.

Not using standing jacks

To do anything, if you’re going under your car, you shouldn’t just use a jack lying underneath it. If you want to avoid 2 tons of weight on your head, the best option is to use standing jacks.

Excessive struggle in doing things

When you see a tutorial that says “this is not for beginners”, you don’t have to struggle to “not be a beginner”; Because by doing this, you may only worsen the condition of your car.

At the same time, you can pay a little more to have professionals do the job faster and properly.

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