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11 thousand and 678 points growth of Tehran Stock Exchange index

According to the economic correspondent of Fars news agency Tehran Stock Exchange Today, it was in a growing fluctuating trend, so that at the end of trading, the total index increased by 11,678 points compared to the previous day and reached one million, 646,907 points. In this way, the growth rate of the total index today was 0.71 percent. has been

Also, the total index with the same weight standard increased by 3962 units and reached 496 thousand 401 units. The value of the stock market, which is caused by the value of the companies on the stock exchange, reached more than 6 million 80 thousand billion tomans.

Today, traders traded more than 19.1 billion pre-emptive shares and financial bonds in the form of 771 thousand transactions worth 10,118 billion tomans.

Today, all indices of the stock market turned green, as the total index and the price index increased by 0.71% with the weighted-value criterion, these two indices increased by 0.8% with the weighted criterion.

The free floating index grew by 0.69%, the first market index of the stock exchange strengthened by 0.45% and the second market index of the stock exchange increased by 1%.

Today, the symbols of Shasta, Oil and Gas Holding Petrochemical, Persian Gulf Petrochemical, Tehran Oil Refining, Mobarakeh Steel and Golghar respectively had the most increasing effect on the stock market index, and the Pardis Petrochemical symbol has left the most decreasing effect on the stock market index.

In the Iranian foreign exchange, the total index increased by 151 points to 20,908 units. The market value of Iran’s first and second OTC reached more than one million and 136 thousand billion tomans.

The base market value of OTC was 396 thousand billion tomans. Traders traded more than 10.8 billion pre-emptive shares and financial bonds in the form of 414 thousand transactions worth 221 thousand billion Tomans today in the Iranian exchange.

Of course, it is necessary to remember that today, according to Mondays, in the form of open market operations in the banking network, financial bonds of the Central Bank are bought and sold between the banking network. Today, in 363 transactions, a total of 2.4 billion financial bonds worth about 216 thousand billion Tomans were traded between the banking network. and was traded, otherwise stock transactions were traded in the over-the-counter amounting to 7.4 billion shares in the form of 376 thousand transactions and worth 3 thousand 26 billion tomans.

13.9 million Islamic financial paper transactions were registered in the form of 737 transactions and worth 1259 billion Tomans. Today, the symbols of Zagros Petrochemical, Ariassol Polymer, Tendgoyan Petrochemical, Mino Sunti, Bank D and Ghadir Iranian Steel had the greatest increasing effect in the OTC index, respectively, and the symbol of Pasargad Insurance had the most decreasing effect in the OTC index.

According to Fars report, most of the stock companies are waiting for the next year’s budget of the whole country to predict their next year’s budget.

According to the promise made by government officials, including the Minister of Economy and the Governor of the Central Bank, the country’s economy should be predictable, but some predictable components such as next year’s budget bill are not yet clear.

These days, the capital market has taken on a growing trend and has become valuable, at the same time, we should not forget that the essence of the capital market is associated with risk and volatility.

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