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11 thousand bank accounts suspected of money laundering were blocked last year

According to Fars News Agency’s Judicial Group, Haji Reza Shakrami, Deputy Chief of Justice of Tehran Province, said: In the economic field and supporting production and employment, last year 50 meetings were held on the topic of economic and resistance working groups and removing production obstacles with the presence of managers and executive officials. and judicial colleagues have been formed in the Secretariat of Resistance Economy of Justice of Tehran Province, and more than a thousand people from managers of production units and companies and economic activists attended the meeting.

He added: As a result of holding these meetings, 61% of bankruptcy cases were reduced last year, and more than a thousand industrial units that had problems obtaining title deeds succeeded in obtaining title deeds with the help of the judicial system and other officials.

The Deputy Chief of Justice of Tehran Province stated: Last year, 41 production units faced serious problems, and 6,500 workers were employed in these units, and with the efforts and support of Tehran Province Justice, these units were prevented from closing down. and now these production units continue to operate.

He added: 5 companies with a number of 1,943 workers were placed in bankruptcy, with the support of the General Bankruptcy Department of Justice of Tehran Province, these companies came out of bankruptcy and are currently continuing their daily activities.

Shakrami stated: In order to fulfill the slogan of 1402 (production growth and inflation control), the Chief Justice of Tehran province visited the production units and factories in the industrial towns of the province and met with the workers, officials and managers of the production units and factories of the towns. Saneti will visit and issue orders after examining the issues and problems in this field and in order to remove the obstacles.

He added: Important measures have been taken to fight corruption and rent-seeking as well as smuggling in the judiciary of Tehran province in the past years, and these measures will be examined in a special way this year as well.

The Deputy Chief of Justice of Tehran Province continued: Last year, 329 cases related to disruptors in the economic system were handled in the Justice Department of Tehran Province. Also, 11,000 bank accounts suspected of money laundering, which were mainly involved in currency smuggling, were blocked.

He added: Last year, 119 important cases were raised in order to fight against economic corruption. Also, last year, after the judicial measures taken by the judiciary of Tehran province, about 376 thousand billion rials were collected from the defendants and economic corruptors to the banks and the tax organization. is paid.

Shakrami said: Regarding multi-plaintiff cases, a large number of these cases have been investigated and determined in the Tehran judiciary.

He added: In relation to several large and important cooperative cases, such as Saman al-Hajj, Alborz Iranians, Afzal Toos, which had a total of 2 million and 700 thousand plaintiffs, they took the court’s time. And with the extensive actions of Tehran Province judiciary, the judgments of the cases related to these cooperatives were executed.

The Deputy Chief of Justice of Tehran Province stated that there are 813 cases of multi-complaint cases in Tehran Province Justice and emphasized: Cases such as Ramk Khodro, Irtoya, Negin Khodro, Irsa, Azim Khodro, Aziko Khodro, etc. These are important cases that are very difficult to process and execute the judgments of this case, but the judiciary of Tehran province is trying to complete these cases after the necessary investigations and execute their judgments.

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