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15 seconds TV teaser 5 billion Tomans! / Screening in the conquest of “gangs”

Hassan Tavakolnia, the producer of the movie “How Many Times Do You Cry 2” complained about the TV commercials and said that the money for a 15-second TV teaser would be 5 billion Tomans.

Theater News Base: Hassan Tavakolnia, the producer of the movie “How Many Times Do You Cry 2” directed by Ali Tavakol, or about the release status of this comedy movie in cinemas, said: “Thank God, the sales of the movie have exceeded one billion tomans and this is a reasonable sale for the movie in this situation.” Of course, there is a difference between the films. Newly expanded distributors work together and ضوبند And distinguish between independent films and films that they themselves broadcast. Some from the first day my film was released Cinema owners They discriminated against Sans. I saw that a film that sells less than my film has more chances in a cinema, why? Because that movie was in their own band.

He continued by criticizing the lack of TV teasers to promote his film: When my film was reviewed, only 5 billion Tomans of TV teaser was allowed for it, and this is if the price of a teaser at the right time on Channel One is 330 seconds. It is a million tomans! That means a 15-second teaser will cost 5 billion tomans! I mean, they actually let me play a teaser on TV. In 1995, I had about 100 TV teasers for the movie “Parallel Shadows” to advertise, and see for yourself how much the situation has changed. While in those days the TV audience was much more than today. Instead of making our 100 teasers 300 teasers in this situation, TV gives such teasers for free!

The producer continued: “This situation is while for some of the supported films, you can not count the number of TV teasers or municipal billboards.” To this extent, we see discrimination in cinema. I am an independent producer and this film is my whole life with 35 years of experience in cinema. To date, I have had both war films and feature films in my repertoire, but this is how I am treated. There is no special support for our film. I say this about all movies that all have the same conditions in the field of TV teasers and they are not supported.

“In terms of sponsors, there are some companies that work with certain distributors,” Tavakolnia said. From this point of view, the coordinates of cinema can never be corrected, because many things have become rents. I have to join gangs in order to use some rents and facilities, and I have never been a gangster.

He emphasized: “How much do you cry? 2” is the backing of the first part of this film, which had become a brand in its time, so it has minimal sales, but it has not sold as it should because it has not been supported. Some people say why Tavakolonia did not put up a billboard for this movie, but they do not know that I have to pay about 1.5 billion tomans for 20 billboards in Tehran! That means at least $ 4 billion in box office sales, which is not the case at all. This type of advertising needs a sponsor that we have not had such support before.

This producer points to the good performance of some Cinema owners In the field of hall allocation, he added: some Cinema owners They really underestimate and obviously do not give a chance to my film. I do not know why this is happening. One of these Cinema owners It does not allow the screening of our films in the cinemas it dominates. Most cinemas have three chances for our film, two of which are before 3 pm! Three chances are really too little for our film and this situation is really unfair. Not even 10 people go to the cinema during these hours!

He concluded: “We hope God helps our film and a miracle happens for a fairer look at our film.” We were definitely not happy with the release of the film in these circumstances. On the one hand, the economic situation and air pollution have been caused more recently. Isn’t watching movies a nightmare for people to leave their homes and go to the cinema at any cost? We knew we had a holiday ahead of us, but we did not anticipate these economic conditions. People are worried about livelihood today, how can they pay 45,000 tomans for a cinema ticket?

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