15-year wait for delivery of Mehr housing / What is the reaction of the applicants?

According to Tejarat News, it was in 2007 that the ninth government raised the issue of building units called Mehr housing for those who did not own a house until then.

The order to implement it was notified to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in the same year. But now, 15 years after its announcement, there are still part-time units that have not been completed for various reasons. There are still people waiting who have lost a significant portion of their capital to dream of becoming a landlord.

One of the applicants, who lives in one of the villages of Hamedan, says: I have spent 20 million Tomans. It was three or four years ago and they said they would deliver the house to us that year. There is no news yet.

He also states in a clumsy tone: We even suggested that we allow ourselves to complete the units at our own expense. They do not allow this either. He believes that the contractor has a problem and for unknown reasons does not want to continue.

An elderly woman in Urmia has the same problem. He says: “I registered for the delivery of the Mehr housing unit in 1987, and until 1992, I deposited about 25 million tomans in several stages. It did not reach me after that. They also removed me. We wrote a letter and insisted that you introduce a person who does not have a house, I introduced my sister and she could not pay. “We are still stagnant, both us and the house.”

Date of delivery of Mehr housing stamps

According to the Young Journalists Club, in February of last year, Alireza Jafari, the head of the New Cities Development Company, stated: With the emphasis of the President and the Minister of Roads and Urban Development of the 13th government, the problem will be solved. Mehr House And its assignment is on the agenda.

According to the head of the New Cities Development Company, 40,000 housing units are currently under the commitment of the New Cities Development Company, which must be completed and delivered. Applicants will.

Jafari also said: the remaining units Housing Mehr is finishing with less than 10% physical progress.

At the meeting of the Housing Council, it was announced that the Mehr housing units, which are part-time and in the final stages of work, will be completed and handed over to the applicants. The next priority is for the Housing Bank to make decisions that will provide the funds needed to complete the infrastructure so that the obligations left over from the past can be completed in the shortest possible time.

Brokerage in the sale of Mehr housing units

There are also brokers who buy and sell units, while buying and selling Mehr housing units is prohibited by law.

Another applicant from Mashhad has a story about this. He says he bought a unit in Golbahar from the company and paid several times as much for the government.

“I sold my whole life, it was 250 million that I paid in cash, but the units are all half-finished and whatever we pursue is useless, it does not work. “They will not even let us enter the compound.”

the world of economy In May, Mehr reported on housing units: In previous years, Mehr housing was always considered as a cheap apartment, especially around big cities, but now Mehr housing units have also experienced price jumps and to buy them in the new campus city, you have to buy at least 760 “It had a million to 1,200 billion tomans.”

A market activist in Parand area also says about prices: the price of these units in the open market has increased by about 50% compared to the initial price.

He also explains about the units that have not been delivered: the number of non-deliveries is very high and there is no specific date for their delivery.

Welfare facilities in the areas where these units are built are variable and in some cases very low. This point does not seem to have been taken into account from the beginning of planning for this project.

The market activist says about the amenities of this area, although there are some facilities such as pharmacies, schools, etc., but they are limited.

Some housing units do not have quality seals

Fardin Yazdani, a housing market expert, explains in an interview with Tejarat News: In the general plan of Mehr housing, facilities were considered, in some cases some work has been done, but since the volume of these units was high, facilities were available for many areas. Proper welfare is not provided.

Regarding the quality of these units, he said: “A high percentage of these units do not have the quality needed for safe living.” Of course, in some towns, for example, there is a campus or Andisheh, a percentage of a quality unit.

Transactions are not in good shape

Saeed Lotfi, a member of the board and treasurer of the Tehran Real Estate Union, said about the recent trading situation of these units: “In the last two or three weeks, housing prices have risen and a kind of inflationary expectation has formed among the people.” The market is currently stagnant, either due to the holidays or the market is improving.

He announced the price floor in phase 9 of the campus at 900 million Tomans and emphasized that these units are raw and still need internal repairs.

Lotfi explained about the illegality of these transactions: If the government officially declared these transactions, it would be monitored, but unfortunately the government prevents the transactions from taking place and receives a reciprocal response.

What was the reaction of the people to the issue?

“Since 1989, we have registered Mehr Parand Housing with the company’s cooperative, but we have complained many times about halving it, but it is useless.”

“It took us about two years to get it delivered, but it was the poorest housing. “It forced us to sell and lose our lives, and with this inflation we can no longer buy a house.”

“In 1991, we registered for Far 11 Pardis, but they have not delivered it yet. They will do it today and tomorrow.”

“I was criticized for having five years of social security insurance, even though they only asked for a five-year residence permit in Tehran. “My effort and expenses were wasted so easily.”

“We have been registered in the Mehr Razi Housing Cooperative project since 1986, which was known as Mehr Razi Housing. “Since then, they have not given us a house or our money.”

“In 1986, I registered in Mehr Hashtgerd Cooperative 9 housing. “After 15 years and a whole increase, I presented the Hashtgerd Civil Administration to the Crisis Headquarters.”

“We change the TV channel, it changes for the neighbor as well. The walls are great! ”

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