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2 thousand 248 complaints about production support were submitted to the inspection organization/ half of these cases have been closed.

According to the report of Fars news agency’s judicial group, citing the Judiciary Media Center, in the second part of the meeting of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary, Zabihullah Khodaian, the head of the General Inspection Organization, also referred to the actions of this organization in the past year in relation to the realization of the slogan of 1401 “Production, Knowledge-based and job-creating” said: Last year, about 1,000 production-related inspection cases were raised in the inspection organization, and our colleagues participated in more than 3,600 production- and investment-related meetings.

Referring to the 1,380 visits of managers and officials of the inspection organization to production units during 1401, he said: In the past year, 514 units were acquired by banks and credit institutions, 172 bankrupt production units, 725 production units with problems, 534 production projects. Semi-finished companies, as well as 1,650 knowledge-based companies, were monitored by the inspection organization, and this process of monitoring will continue.

Khodaian added: 2,300 cases of correspondence and actions taken by the inspection organization in relation to the realization of the slogan of 1401, resulted in preventing the closure of 230 production units, increasing production in 255 units, accelerating the obtaining of permits for 405 units, facilitating financing. 651 units, the follow-up of conflict resolution from 11 units, as well as the revival and start-up of 47 production units.

The head of the inspection organization stated that the number of complaints received by this organization last year regarding the issue of production support was 2 thousand 248 and said: As a result, 5 thousand 210 actions were taken in relation to these complaints, so far half of These cases have been closed.

In another part of his speech, Khodaian stated that the inspection organization will have effective cooperation with the resistance economy headquarters during this year and in line with the realization of the slogan “Tom control and production growth”, he said: There are important laws in line with production support that the program Continuous inspection is foreseen in the field of monitoring the implementation of these laws.

He added: Also, during this year, the inspection organization will carry out necessary follow-ups and measures regarding the completion of half-finished production units and the return of lands that have been allocated to people in industrial towns and those people have not taken the necessary steps to build a production unit within the stipulated time. .

Khodaian emphasized: Various institutions in the country have responsibility and duty in the field of “reducing liquidity” and we in the inspection organization will try to have an effective performance in the field of reducing liquidity in the society by monitoring the performance of these institutions.

The head of the inspection organization, referring to the programs on the agenda of this organization in order to help the government to curb inflation, stated: “Pursue acceleration in the handling of tax cases”, “Supervision over the collection of deferred taxes”, “Pursue acceleration in the implementation of the law on shopping terminals and Tax payers system for transparency in tax collection and prevention of tax evasion”, “Monitoring the performance of banks to collect overdue loans”, “Monitoring the activities of the Central Bank and banks and credit financial institutions to prevent overdrafts from the Central Bank”, “Follow up” Implementation of Articles 16 and 17 of the Law on Removing Obstacles to Production in order to hand over enterprises affiliated to banks”, “Following the transfer of all accounts of executive bodies to the centralized account of the Central Bank”, “Monitoring the performance of custodian bodies in order to pursue the settlement of foreign exchange obligations” as well as “Monitoring the performance of banks” and financial and credit institutions in the field of granting facilities”, among the actions of the inspection organization in 1402, will be in line with reducing the liquidity in the society and curbing inflation.

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