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According to Tejarat News, 27 banks of the country had to pay 360 thousand billion tomans of facilities to the National Housing Movement plan in the last one year.

The law on the jump in housing production and supply has required banks and financial institutions to pay annually equivalent to 20% of the payment facilities of the banking system for the housing sector (National Housing Movement). In the first year, this figure was announced as 360 thousand billion tomans, which banks and financial and credit institutions had to pay according to the share considered for them.

According to the statistics of the banking network, in the first year of the implementation of the housing production jump law, that is, from September of last year to September of this year, about 3760 thousand billion tomans of facilities have been paid by banks and financial and credit institutions, which if we calculate the 20% share of the housing sector, about It is 752 thousand billion tomans.

Zero percent performance of 20 banks and credit institutions

According to the statistics, during the year ending on September 31 of this year, 27 banks and credit institutions have paid 18,400 billion tomans for the National Housing Movement, which is 5.1% of the 360,000 billion tomans task. ,

This is despite the fact that the performance of 20 banks and credit institutions in paying National Housing Movement facilities during one year (September 1400 to September 1401) was zero.

Based on this, Saman Bank, Kereben Bank, New Economy Bank, Pasargad Bank, Sina Bank, Capital Bank, Day Bank, Aindeh Bank, Shahr Bank, Tourism Bank, Middle East Bank, Iran Land Bank, Cooperative Development Bank, Refah Bank, Sepeh Bank, Agriculture Bank, Saderat Bank, and the two United Nations and Noor Banks Despite the legal quota, they have not paid facilities in the National Housing Movement Plan.

Maskan Bank, as a specialized bank in the housing sector, had a quota of 63 thousand billion tomans for loan payments in the National Housing Movement. In the mentioned period, this bank has signed about 50 thousand billion tomans of the facility of the mentioned plan, which is equivalent to about 80% of the quota, and during this period, this bank has paid 18 thousand and 300 billion tomans of the National Housing Movement facility.

Bank Melli, Mellat and Tejarat also paid 4 billion tomans, 100 billion and 7 billion tomans for housing facilities from September last year to September this year. 2 Bank of Industry, Mining and Export Development of Iran have been the only banks that have paid all the quota of their overdue facilities; These banks have paid a total of 150 billion tomans, i.e. 75 billion tomans each.

Source: Tasnim

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