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29% growth in Iran-Kazakhstan trade / Description of two decades of Iran-Kazakhstan trade

Kazakh President Qasim Zhumart Tokayev arrived in Tehran this morning, according to Fars News Agency’s economic correspondent. Meetings and talks with Ayatollah Ra’isi, holding a joint meeting of high-level delegations of the two countries and signing several documents of cooperation and memorandum will be among the programs to Tehran.

To this end, Seyed Ruhollah Latifi, Customs Spokesman, at the same time as the President of Kazakhstan’s visit to Iran on trade with Kazakhstan said: Of the total trade of 729 thousand tons of Iran with Kazakhstan in 1400 more than 512 thousand tons of goods worth 187 million and 200 thousand dollars, Iran’s exports to Kazakhstan increased by 51% in weight and 11% in value, while imports from Kazakhstan increased by 217,000 tons of goods worth $ 78 million, an increase of 141% in weight and 108% in value over the same period.

Regarding trade with Kazakhstan, Latifi explained: “Our country’s non-oil trade with Kazakhstan, as one of the fifteen neighbors of the Islamic Republic of Iran (one of the Caspian littoral countries), has had ups and downs in the last two decades. With this country, the eighties can be considered the decade of imports from Kazakhstan and the 90s can be considered the decade of exports to this country.

In the last 20 years, more than 15 million and 400 thousand tons of goods worth approximately 6 billion dollars were exchanged between Iran and Kazakhstan, the share of Iran’s exports was 4 million and 204 thousand tons of goods worth 2 billion and 317 million dollars and imports from Kazakhstan. 11 million 185 thousand tons of goods worth 3 billion 635 million dollars.

He added: “From 1981 to 1400, respectively, our country exports to Kazakhstan 51 million, 48 million, 38 million, 57 million, 73 million, 79 million, 69 million, 58 million, 69 million, 85 million, 135 million, 215 million, 208 million, 138 million, 174 million, 169 million, 133 million, 165 million,” he added. It was 167 million and 187 million and 200 thousand dollars, the highest amount in these 20 years was related to the year 92 and the lowest amount was related to the year 83.

Regarding the import of our country from Kazakhstan in the last two decades, the customs spokesman said: “Since 1981, 262 million, 285 million, 230 million, 255 million, 280 million, 341 million, 295 million, 223 million, 124 million, 136 million, 193 million, 247 million, 179 million, 107 million, respectively. We imported 104 million, 67 million, 87 million, 105 million and 37 million dollars from Kazakhstan, the highest amount of which was in 1986 and the lowest in 1999.

Regarding export products, Latifi said: agricultural products, livestock and food, construction materials, home appliances, petroleum products, electronics, industrial machinery, bags, shoes and clothing, minerals and agricultural implements, etc. Major export products of Iran Was to Kazakhstan last year.

Regarding goods imported from Kazakhstan, he explained: Basic goods, road tractors, industrial machinery, etc. were the main goods imported from Kazakhstan.

In the end, the customs spokesman said: “Active economic diplomacy, trade development, strengthening of shipping lines and utilization of railway capacities along with transit benefits can lead to the development of economic and political relations between the two countries.”

According to Fars, at the same time as the Kazakh President’s visit to Tehran, a train with 42 wagons containing sulfur from Kazakhstan entered Iran through the Incheh border outside Golestan province and after crossing the Razi border in West Azerbaijan province. It will continue its route to Turkey.

During this trip, documents for cooperation in various fields will be signed by the officials of the two countries.

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