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32 judicial commissions in 8 prisons have started examining the amnesty request of Tehrani prisoners

According to the judicial department of Fars news agency, quoted by the media and communications of the judiciary of Tehran province; It was on the 16th of Bahman that it was announced that following the proposal of the Head of the Judiciary to Ayatollah Khamenei to agree to amnesty and reduce the punishment of a significant number of accused and convicted of recent events as well as those convicted by public and revolutionary courts and the judicial organization of the armed forces, the leader of the Islamic Revolution with They agreed to this proposal.

After that, Ali Al-Qasi, Chief of Justice of Tehran province, ordered to investigate the situation of prisoners in Tehran province in terms of the availability of friendly institutions.

Following the order of the Chief Justice of Tehran Province, 32 judicial commissions under the supervision of the judicial directors of Tehran Province and a total of 511 judicial officials visited eight prisons of Tehran Province simultaneously from this morning and evaluated the status of the applicants in terms of the availability of friendly institutions. and issued the necessary orders to help the prisoners.

Ali Al-Qasi, Chief of Justice of Tehran Province, before the start of the process of examining the status of the applicants in terms of benefiting from social institutions, in a meeting held as a video conference in Evin Penitentiary, gave the necessary recommendations to the judicial boards located in the prisons of Tehran Province in order to facilitate the process of assistance. Offered to eligible inmates.

The Chief Justice of Tehran Province also stressed that those who are subject to amnesty and parole should be released from prison as soon as possible with judicial assistance.

He stated the purpose of this action as “facilitating the affairs of prisoners” and “reducing the problems of prisoners’ families” and at the same time emphasized on listening to all the prisoners’ content and said: the judicial system’s view is to unravel the problems of prisoners and their families.

Al-Qasi, accompanied by Tehran Prosecutor Ali Salehi and the accompanying judicial panel, visited different parts of Evin Penitentiary and directly and face-to-face heard the requests and problems of the clients and issued the necessary orders regarding each of the requests.

During this visit, a client claimed that the process of reviewing his request for release was delayed, and the Chief Justice of Tehran province in the Majlis ordered that while examining his claim, all the requests for release of the prisoners should be specially reviewed as soon as possible and the assignment determined. become

I have to say; The results of the examination of the status of the applicants by the judicial boards of Tehran province will be announced later.

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