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4.6% growth of rail transportation index in 9 months

According to the report of Fars news agency, citing the public relations of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways, a joint meeting with the board of directors of the trade association of rail transport companies was held on Sunday, January 18, with the presence of Miad Salehi, CEO of the railway, members of the board of directors of the railway and members of the board of the trade association. Railway transport companies were held in the building of the railway martyrs.

In this meeting, the problems and achievements of rail transportation were discussed.

In this ceremony, the CEO of the railway, referring to the important achievements of the Islamic Republic of Railways in the past months, said: although with a lot of problems, lack of follow-up and debts inherited from the previous government, including the accumulation of non-repairs of 3 thousand billion tomans and a debt of 2 thousand billion tomans in We were faced with the maintenance and repair of locomotives, and despite the country’s economic difficulties, the railway sector has taken important steps forward in the first 9 months of this year.

Miad Salehi while pointing to basic and infrastructural measures to improve the status of various players in the rail transport industry in the public and private sectors stated: Railways, in line with the attraction of private sector investment in the rail field and the use of various capacities in this field, has compressed

He said: One of the very important matters that was seriously pursued and, Alhamdulillah, very good successes have been achieved, is the amendment of the Article 12 implementation procedure. The new form has been signed by the Minister of Roads and Urban Development and the Minister of Oil.

Salehi continued: The final steps of this great event should be taken soon in the organization of the program and its nectar will sweeten the palate of all the activists and investors of the rail transportation industry.

The CEO of Railways also announced intensive follow-ups to solve the problem of added value of railway companies and consultation with the relevant authorities, including the Ministry of Economy and the Tax Administration.

The Deputy Minister of Roads and Urban Development also pointed out important points regarding the recent achievements of the railway.

According to Salehi, while in the first 6 months of 1400, the number of warm locomotives was reduced by an average of 11 locomotives per month, with the measures and follow-ups, we were able to prevent a further reduction in the number of ready-to-use locomotives in the first step, and in the next step, the number These locomotives increased in such a way that the number of Gram locomotives increased from an average of 516 units in October 1400 to 542 units in December 1401.

The CEO of the railway also mentioned the issue of the reliability of hot locomotives and said: It is not important for us that the locomotive is hot, but its reliability, or in other words reducing the probability of its failure again, is also important, and we check the number and reliability of the present locomotives on a daily basis. We monitor the country’s railway network to prevent locomotives with low reliability from entering the railway network, especially on single-track and important routes.

Salehi also provided detailed explanations regarding the performance of railway freight and passengers in the first 9 months of this year.

Referring to the 50% increase in rail passenger performance, he expressed hope that in the remaining months of the year, when there is a natural decrease in travel demand, by transferring a number of locomotives from passenger to freight, freight performance will increase significantly.

In summarizing this section, the CEO of Railways, while referring to the railway transport index, said: The transport index, which refers to the total number of person-kilometers and ton-kilometers, and is a kind of indicator of the total railway performance of the country, in the first 9 months of 1401 compared to the same period last year. It has grown by 4.6 percent.

He continued: This rate of growth has been evaluated as very favorable considering the unfavorable situation that was handed over to us at the beginning of the government, and it is due to the hardworking and effortful colleagues of the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways and also the rail transportation activists who contributed to achieving this success. And I would like to thank them for their effective participation.

In this meeting, it was decided that joint working groups regarding the cost price of rail services, the tariff of various rail services, the implementation process of Article 12 of the law on removing obstacles to production, and ways to improve financing in the field of rail transportation were formed, and they quickly reviewed and submitted proposals. Pay attention to each of the cases.

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