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According to Mehr news agency, Mohammad Ebrahim Emami, the spokesperson of the wrestling federation, said in an interview with the public relations of the wrestling federation: The deputy minister of sports and youth announced in an interview that the budget of the wrestling federation was 70 billion, of which we gave 91 billion to the federation.

He added: The federation has received 96 billion tomans from the beginning of 1401 until today, of which 70 billion is from a separate budget line, which was allocated to wrestling as the first and proudest sport of the country from note 14 by the Islamic Council and the organization of the program implemented its budget.

The spokesperson of the wrestling federation added: In addition to this budget, we had a budget of 41 billion approved by the Ministry of Sports for this year, of which 26 billion have been transferred to the account of the wrestling federation.

He said: “We send more than 40 international, Asian and world competitions throughout the year, and the amount paid by the Ministry of Sports and Youth does not even cover the cost of sending us to continental and world competitions.”

Emami continued: We request Poladgar to pay attention to the amount of budget allocated by the Ministry of Sports and Youth to the federation and the measures taken in this federation and then comment on this matter.

He pointed to the national championship adult freestyle wrestling competitions and said: All quotas for participation in the national championship wrestling competitions in the freestyle discipline have been given to the provinces with the expert opinion of the technical staff. do not have more and refrain from sending additional people to the venue of the competition because it is not possible to accept or enter the hall according to the rules and conditions of the route.

Regarding the selection cycle of the national team, Emami also said: the selection cycle of the national team is based on justice, and accordingly, wrestlers are given attention based on their titles and positions, and all contenders have the chance to wear the team’s jersey by participating in domestic and international competitions. have national

The spokesperson of the wrestling federation added: the selection cycle of the national team has started from the selection competitions of the provinces across the country and the top players in different weights will go to the championships of the country, also because of the better benchmarking of the wrestlers and the review of their performance in a rotating manner in domestic and international competitions. are evaluated.

He pointed to Mr. Debir’s words at the beginning of his entry into the wrestling federation that each wrestler with his own performance in different stages of the national team selection cycle has a chance to wear two members of the national team and there is no need to apply personal opinion and select wrestlers through the council. It is not technical.

In the end, Emami noted: After the end of the freestyle wrestling competitions of the country, the selected people and promising young people will be selected by the technical staff and sent to an international tournament in Russia in February.

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