450 million loan deposit to mass builders / mortgage loan will not be paid to people

According to Tejarat News, the new housing plan is supposed to build four million units by the end of the main government. Part of the cost of making this loan is provided in the form of a loan from the banking network.

According to the Deputy Minister, based on the latest decisions, the facility ceiling in this national metro project is 450 million Tomans for Tehran applicants and 400 million Tomans for metropolises with a population of over one million. Also, 350 million facilities have been provided for other provincial centers, 300 million for other cities in the country, and 200 to 250 million for rural areas.

Since these units are to be built with the participation of the private sector, do the loans go to the applicant Housing Will it reach or be credited directly to the mass producers?

Loans at the expense of mass builders

A member of the Civil Commission of the Majles told Tejaratnews in this regard: “But the mechanism of loan payment in government projects is that the loan amount reaches the builder, but this loan is in the name of the applicant and the installment must be paid by the registrant.”

Alborz Hosseini emphasizes that the money is not given to the person, a contract is signed and through the file of the loan applicant, this loan is generally given to the mass producer. After completing the project and handing over the units, the loan payment book will be given to the applicant and the loan will be returned to the bank.

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Document in the bank mortgage

The member of the Civil Commission of the Majles also says that until the last installment of the loan of these units is paid, the property deed will remain in the bank mortgage.

Register Housing For four million applicants, it started on October 19, and according to the Ministry of Roads, applicants have one month to register their application. This registration is done in a system introduced by the Ministry called Saman system.

In fact, applicants do not need to visit the organization or institution in person to submit an application, and in the initial stage, they must go online to the Saman system at the address “»Submit their request.

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