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51% growth of people going to hospitals/ performing 14,000 surgeries in Nowruz

According to Fars news agency’s health group, Bahram Ainollahi, Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education, said on the sidelines of his visit to Tehran’s Labafinejad Hospital: Since the beginning of the new year, 3,791,920 patients have visited hospitals across the country.

He added: During this period, 14,397 surgeries were performed, which shows the readiness and activity of government medical centers during the New Year holidays.

The Minister of Health stated: 818,000 visits have been made to public centers, residences, restaurants and other relevant centers in the field of health.

Ainullahi added: Nearly 3,000 commercial and residential centers have been sealed due to non-compliance with health issues.

He reminded: Pre-hospital emergency missions have grown by 17% this year and 112,000 injured and sick people have been sent to medical centers during Nowruz. Also, since the beginning of the year, more than 900,000 people have called the emergency room and the emergency room has responded to them.

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