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58% increase in the payment of the loan of Qarz Al-Hasneh for children in Aindeh Bank

According to the financial news report, on this basis, in the first six months of 1402, the future bank has paid more than 6400 loans with a total amount of more than 3.700 billion Rials.

Also, the number of Qarzul-Hasna childbearing loans paid in the first six months of 1401 by Aindeh Bank was more than 6,200 with a total amount of 2,340 billion Rials.

According to the number and amounts of Qarzul Hosna loans paid for childbearing in the first six months of this year, compared to the same period last year, Aindeh Bank has experienced a growth of 58%.
The loan amounts of Qarzul-Hasneh for having children in 1402 are 300 million Rials for the first child, 600 million Rials for the second child, 900 million Rials for the third child, 1,200 million Rials for the fourth child, and 1,500 million Rials for the fifth child.

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