6 stock exchange tools that balance the foreign exchange market

According to Tejarat News, certificates of deposit and foreign exchange derivatives, certificates of deposits and derivatives of gold coins, and finally certificates of deposits and derivatives of oil, crude oil and products with the possibility of physical delivery, 6 Tool There are stock exchanges that can completely alleviate currency tensions forever.

Instruments that focus on the price of currency on the one hand, and on the other hand, clarify the outlook for the country’s currency and the inflation expectations of society and manage them in a self-regulatory manner.

Of these 6 ToolOnly gold coin commodity deposit certificate is available and other instruments are subject to legal approvals and regulations.

Most interestingly, the gold coin derivative was stopped directly by the central bank of the time and is not yet actually available. Defects that definitely need to be reviewed and corrected as soon as possible.

According to the world of economyIn the current situation where the exchange rate is determined in the context of the organized foreign exchange market, the Nima and Senate rates, and even informal prices, we see that the exchange rate is declining every day, indicating that there is enough currency needed for imports. We even face the superiority of supply over demand.

On the other hand, it is stated that the amount of banknotes in banks is also at attractive levels. Therefore, the opportunity to manage the foreign exchange market is not far off; But it seems that a new chain of tools is needed for this management with a focus on transparency.

The point is that in recent years, the foreign exchange market has been overshadowed and its creation gives management tools additional power to foreign exchange decision makers in the country.

Certificate of deposit and foreign exchange derivative

In all parts of the world, the price of a currency is discovered from its actual transactions on a large scale, often in interbank transactions or in the presence of prominent traders.

A point that provides space for governments to influence and facilitate market management with a focus on transparency of events. The buyer of currency, even with the aim of speculation and profit, is present in this market and presents his performance in a transparent manner.

Space is provided for the presence of money changers, and each part of this puzzle takes its place.

In our country, where the exchange rate is more complex, the need for a foreign exchange deposit certificate market in accordance with a self-regulatory market under the management of the Exchange or Commodity Organization and under the supervision of the Central Bank is inevitable.

In other words, there should be an organized market in which buyers and sellers, without the need for physical presence and online, by observing supply and demand and trading volume, estimate the overall situation in the markets, trade and buy currency whenever needed. Yes, it is possible to deliver it physically, there is no restriction beyond what is in the law.

The price of currency in the discovered transactions and government intervention only shows in the amount of supply and demand or more precisely the volume of currency injection or purchase.

In the first step, the physical exchange of banknotes is the beginning of the road, then it can be extended to foreign exchange remittances. The capital market brokerage body with the help of the exchange network (such as a legal trader) will be able to play a direct role in these contracts.

Of course, certificates of deposit are the infrastructure of derivative contracts, and on the one hand, the possibility of attractive transactions can be created, and on the other hand, expectations can be monitored and managed by tracking prices.

The chain of these tools has been discussed many times; But it has never been implemented; Especially when the mere use of these two trading arms is necessary; But it is by no means enough.

Certificate of deposit and derivative of gold coins

The importance of this market in determining the trend of coin prices has been discussed many times; But it is strange that not only as one Tool The regulator has not been considered; But the future of the coin has not yet been restarted; The point is that market decision makers should take it more seriously.

If the price of a coin is set in the same market instead of the free market, and its delivery and collection are facilitated, and its treasuries are available in all parts of the country, or official transportation and delivery is possible in different cities, this market will have amazing power in setting prices; Even if the injection of a coin into this market does not necessarily mean its immediate delivery to the buyer.

The important point is that in periods with the mentality of expected inflation, we see that the certified market for coins or gold funds in the stock market is accompanied by the inflow of liquidity and an increase in demand.

Therefore, experienced traders have realized the importance of this market, and it is not only possible to pay attention to it and generalize the use of these tools to the general public; Rather, it is an obligation. Previous experience in the coin futures market will also help in this situation.

Certificate of deposit and crude oil derivative

For some time now, there has been a lot of discussion about crude oil deposit certificates, and it has been referred to as the oil opening. The most important feature of these transactions is the possibility of physical delivery of crude oil or products and even petrochemical products, whose certificate or derivative trade indicates the creation of a real space for export.

This is an objective example of macro-currency, and the stronger this market operates, the more it will definitely provide our country’s foreign exchange resources. But this article has a more important margin than any other text.

That the price of crude oil or export petrochemical products is priced in rials; Even when world prices are clear, it clearly reflects the price of currency in macroeconomic exchanges.

This rate will be an anchor of stability for the foreign exchange market; This is in the context that a rise in this price will mean an increase in foreign exchange earnings, more attractive exports, justification of maximum production and even the entry of global foreign exchange investments into domestic markets. Something that will paint a bright future for the oil industry and currency prices.

The most important point is that oil derivative contracts for our country, on the one hand, estimate the price of currency in the future and, on the other hand, show the desire to produce and export.

The experience of gold funds has shown that the pricing of such capital goods adapts to the price of currency, and global price fluctuations are the second priority.

The key to solving the currency problem now and even in the coming years is the exchange rate of exports, which has been the responsibility of the oil, refining and petrochemical industries for many years, and other industries are in the next priorities.

Creating a self-regulatory market for energy carriers with continuous trading and the potential to define trading tools to finance the refining and petrochemical industries is the most important factor in resolving currency problems in the country, and if these tools are accompanied by monetary policy, it can be said Iran We will not experience unusual currency tensions.

The fact that this will be achieved by strengthening exports and increasing production in the refining and petrochemical industries, but these capabilities must be used to the fullest.

If the above has only one function, which is to manage the price expectations of the currency, it is still an indescribable ability to manage this market.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that creating a market for continuous trading of energy carriers and petrochemical products as the most valuable industries in Iran is the last nail in the coffin of currency inflammation and this market will be so powerful in the chain of other financial instruments that overt and covert currency interventions There will be no room for influence.

What has been neglected in setting prices for years is the ability of currency industries to set prices; Even in the situation that the most important official export market of the country is the energy exchange and the transactions of this market have a certain effect on the fluctuation of the exchange rate in its psychological phase.

The solution to the currency problems is the export capacity and currency appreciation of companies that, if fully financed and constructed, will fully cover Iran’s foreign exchange needs in the coming years. Now that world prices for crude oil, products and even petrochemical products are high, it is better to take advantage of this opportunity to maximize exports.

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