600 million ad to buy Tara / What is the price of Tara in the market?

According to Tejarat News, the pre-sale of Tara Dasti in Iran Khodro Company started today, September 19th. Iran Khodro’s pre-sale plan only includes the sale of Tara with a one-year delivery date.

Applicants have the opportunity to register to participate in the TARA pre-sale plan from today, Sunday, September 19th to Tuesday, September 21st.

Applicants who win in this project must deposit 140 million tomans as an advance payment. But the final price of Tara is not known in this plan and the final price of Tara will be determined in September 1401.

What is the price of a manual container?

According to Iran Khodro, the price of the Tara manual factory is 290 million and 650 thousand tomans. But the free market price of the manual tara is not exactly known and different prices are stated for this car in the free market. But the price of Tara in the open market starts from 350 million Tomans.

In some ads, the price of a manual container is 400 million Tomans, and in others it is priced up to 500 million Tomans. Accordingly, the price of manual containers in the open market is not yet known.

The reason why the price of the Tara is not known is that the first pre-sale stage of the Tara was held in September 1999, and the pre-sold cars last year were just delivered to the customers, and the market has not yet decided on the price of this car.

But the price of gearboxes in the market is also uncertain. The price of a gear container in the open market starts from 450 million tomans and reaches up to 600 million tomans. However, some advertisers have also advertised the price of their automatic tare up to 890 million Tomans.

But market participants believe that the price of this car is not clear due to the new supply in the market, and it is possible that with the increase in the supply of Tara to the open market, it will be slightly adjusted and the price of Tara will decrease.

Terms of purchase Tara

Extraordinary sales restrictions are still applied in the TARA pre-sale plan, and based on this, conditions such as assigning a car to any country, at least 48 months after the purchase (registration or delivery of the car) from Iran Khodro and Saipa companies, no active police license plate for the person ارائه Applicant, presentation of a valid certificate, account number attribution and declared contact number to the applicant and… will continue to apply.

Applicants for participation in the pre-sale plan of Tara Iran Khodro can go to the address Visit.

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