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According to Tejarat News, Hamidreza Imam Gholi-Tabar said about the workers’ housing issue: In the last few years, with the control of the economy out of the hands of the authorities and their failure to curb inflation, irreparable blows have been inflicted on the vulnerable and mostly working class of the society. . Nevertheless, even though this class has reduced their livelihood even to the point of survival, the output of this process has been nothing but the economic collapse and the forced migration of these people to the lower deciles.

He continued: “Looking at the growth of inflation in the last few years, which has not paid any attention to the income level of the lower deciles of the country, we see that despite the noble reduction of necessary expenses by this group, it is still difficult to provide the minimum of life such as housing, treatment and food for these households. has been In the meantime, the cost of housing, or rather, the super cost, which has placed its share in the livelihood basket in the first place, is at least 70% for those who suffer from poor housing, and for those who are looking for housing that does not have the restrictions of poor housing, it is equivalent to 85% of the livelihood basket. takes the door

Imam Gholi Tabar stated that based on the interpretation of this issue, poor housing is applied to those who mainly have private housing or renters on the outskirts of the cities and said: this category of people are limited in terms of facilities such as water, electricity, gas and sanitation, or the size of the house, or they live in dilapidated housing. Or they live out of class. Of course, according to international statistics, the average share of housing in the portfolio of households is 18% to 20%, which is at least three times the difference from the average in Iran.

Buying housing has completely disappeared from the minds of households without housing

This labor activist stated: Such a process, which has been intensified in the last two years, has completely removed the purchase of housing from the minds of households without housing. With a rough calculation, if the average price per square meter of housing is about 25 million tomans and a household If a worker wants to buy a medium-sized house with an approximate area of ​​70 meters, he has to pay about one billion and 750 million tomans, which, assuming that each worker saves 50% of his monthly salary and the price of the house is stable, in an optimistic situation, more than 30 years. It takes time to feel the taste of home ownership.

He said: For this reason, the issue of buying housing has become an unattainable dream for this group, so the workers went to rented houses in desperation, which subsequently increased the demand for rented houses, which itself will cause an increase in rent. Providing at least 70 to 80 percent of housing from workers’ salaries prevents them from providing the rest of their essential needs, including food, treatment, clothing, and education, which brings with it many challenges.

Source: Tasnim

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