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Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank goes to the assembly

According to the report of financial news, quoted from public relations, due to the non-attainment of the legal quorum of voting rights holders in the extraordinary general meeting on 05/31/1402, all the shareholders of Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank or their representatives and lawyers. Legally, they can come at 15:30 on Wednesday, 07/05/1402 in Tehran, Tarsht St., Shahid Akbari Blvd., Shahid Ghasemi St. East- Sharif Industrial Jihad Conference Hall, with proof of share ownership and a valid ID card for Attending this forum will bring presence to each other.

Hearing the report of the board of directors regarding the performance of the bank, the report of the auditor and legal inspector regarding the financial performance of the bank, and reviewing and approving the financial statements of the financial year ending on 12/29/1401 are among the orders of this assembly.

Based on this report, the selection of the main and substitute legal auditors and auditors for the fiscal year 1402 and determination of their fees, the determination of newspapers or widely circulated newspapers to include bank advertisements in the fiscal year 1402, the implementation of transactions subject to Article 129 of the Commercial Law for the fiscal year ending on 12/29/1401 and determining the right to attend meetings for the non-executive members of the board of directors for the financial year ending on 12/29/1402 will be other orders of this assembly.

It should be noted that the shareholders of Qarz al-Hasna Resalat Bank can attend this meeting in absentia through the following email address.

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