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71% growth in marriage loan payments this spring

According to the monetary financial news, Mehdi Sahabi, Deputy Head of the Central Bank Credit Department, said: “From the beginning of this year until June 20, 1401, 190,000 marriage loan facilities amounting to 255,000 billion rials have been paid by banks, which is more than 71%.” Has grown.

Referring to the provisions of the Family and Youth Protection Law and this year’s budget law, Sahabi said regarding childbearing facilities: The Central Bank, despite the limited resources of Qarz al-Hasna banking network, always in several correspondences and meetings on the priority of paying Qarz al-Hasna marriage facilities and Emphasis on childbearing as well as the need to accelerate and facilitate it.

He stated that from the beginning of this year to June 20, 1401, 190,000 items of marriage loan facilities have been paid in the total amount of 255,000 billion Rials by the banking network, adding: “According to the statistics of the same period last year, 175,000 items Facilities and the amount of 149 thousand billion rials paid, we are witnessing a growth of more than 71% in the amount and 8.5% in the number of payment facilities.

90,000 childbearing facilities were paid

Regarding the childbearing facilities, the Deputy Head of the Central Bank Credit Department stated: The Central Bank prepared and announced the relevant instructions within the legal deadline, as well as created the necessary system. 90,000 facilities have been paid in the total amount of 36,000 billion rials.

Sahabi stated that so far, due to the ambiguities in the payment of these facilities, meetings and correspondence have been held in several stages to resolve the existing ambiguities. He said: It is being fixed over time.

The official at the Central Bank reminded: The experience of paying marriage facilities at the beginning of completing the system also indicates the slow process of the facilities at the beginning of the system due to the existing ambiguities and its elimination by the Central Bank, which obviously over time, The payment process for childbearing facilities will also have an acceptable speed desired by the Central Bank.

He emphasized: “On the other hand, the important challenge of paying childbearing facilities in relation to marriage facilities is to refer and register the parents of children born in 1400 in the system (the total number of people born in 1400 according to available statistics is more than one million and 100 thousand people). This year, despite the efforts of the banking network and their legal and social responsibility, this issue will cause a long queue in the payment of these facilities, as there are currently 610,000 people in the queue to receive these facilities and during the registration process, Branch, filing and completing documents.

According to the companions and according to the law, the mentioned facilities can be paid by validating the applicants and taking promissory notes or with a maximum of one guarantor, which has been communicated and emphasized to the banking network through several correspondences.

In the end, the Deputy Head of the Central Bank Credit Department noted: Compatriots can refer to the “Central Bank” website, “Public Relations System” in the “Application Registration” section, select banking facilities as the “main subject” and Qarz al-Hasna facilities as a “sub-subject” To apply.

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