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According to the Mehr correspondent, Hossein Ghofrani Kajani, in a press conference held on the occasion of the 3rd of January, the day of registration, expressed his condolences over the Fatimid era and said that the smartening of the registration system has significantly helped the country’s planning. In this regard, good measures have been taken to provide statistics on those eligible for military service, eligible voters and..

He said that during the corona outbreak, a system based on information and identity of individuals was provided to the Ministry of Health and the health system has accurate statistics on vaccinated and unvaccinated people. He took a big step in facilitating things.

Director General of Isfahan Registry, stating that smartening has been the first development plan and in subsequent programs has been the basis for the implementation of programs, added: In this regard, we have reviewed more than 50 indicators and provided them to other institutions.

He added: “The 10-digit national code has a lot of governance in the country and has created a lot of coordination between different sectors.”

Ghofrani Kajani, stating that this year we will continue our service with the new slogan of “data governance” and inspired by the second step of the revolution, said: it should be noted that registrars provide services with minimum facilities, equipment, space and benefits. And they have obtained good rankings in the country.

He said that the country’s population has been growing from the beginning of the century until the beginning of 1986 and has exploded in 1965, adding: “The population rate rose to four in 1365 and in this situation caused deep concern for the country’s planning officials to That in the 70’s we saw a decline in population and the rate of population growth has been declining.

30% of Isfahan’s population is over 65 years old by 1425

The Director General of the Civil Registry of Isfahan Province added: The population growth rate reached 1.9 in 1375 and this decreasing trend of the population rate continued until 1995, when this number reached 97 percent.

He continued by stating that the population window of the province was closed in 1995 with a population of five million and 750 thousand people: with this trend in 1425, about 30% of the population of Isfahan province will be over 65 years old.

Acceleration of the aging population in Isfahan

Ghofrani Kajani, stating that with the acceleration of population growth in 1365, we will have the same acceleration of aging population in the country, continued: Therefore, the concern about the population decline in the country is completely correct and should be planned in this regard. Be serious.

Promote a culture of hospitality for the elderly in families

Expressing the need to create the necessary bases for the management of the elderly in Isfahan province, he said: “We must promote the culture of receiving the elderly in the family. On the other hand, we must create the necessary infrastructure for the passage and care of the elderly in the province.”

Director General of Isfahan Province, referring to the identification of 21 barriers to marriage and childbearing in the country, said: By identifying these barriers, planning for childbearing and marriage was put on the agenda and facilities were allocated for this purpose.

He said that the Strategic Population Council, contrary to the previous practice, which has been more active in monitoring population and demographic changes, puts the division of tasks of the agencies to strictly implement the law on population growth on the agenda, said: in Isfahan province these meetings are continuous Will be formed and this meeting is scheduled to be held soon in the presence of the governor.

The population of Isfahan province is estimated at five million and 300 thousand people

Ghofrani, stating that the population of Isfahan province in the 1995 census was about five million and 120 thousand people, clarified: of this amount, 51% were men and 49% were women.

He stated: The estimated population of Isfahan province this year is five million and 300 thousand people, of which one million and 103 thousand people are under 15 years old, one million and 207 thousand and 854 people are 15 to 29 years old, from 30 to 65 years old are two million. And 448,192 people and over 65 years old are 361,258 people.

Director General of Isfahan Province Registry, stating that the annual population growth of Isfahan Province in the 1995 census reached 97 percent, said: Currently, the number of single-person households is eight percent, two-person households 20 percent, three-person households 30 percent, four-person households 27 percent and Five people and more make up 15% of the population of Isfahan province.

He went on to say that in 1999 we had about 56,394 births, which compared to 1998, we had about an eight percent decrease in the annual birth rate, he said: We have had in the province.

32,298 feet were recorded in Isfahan in 1999

Ghofrani Kajani, stating that last year we had 32,298 deaths, said: “In 99, we had a 32% increase in deaths.”

He stated that 28,100 marriages were registered in 1999, adding: “This statistic was about 26,714 in 1998, which we have witnessed an increase in marriages last year.”

10,298 divorces were registered in Isfahan last year

The Director General of the Civil Registry of Isfahan Province, stating that in 1999, about 10,298 cases of divorce were registered in Isfahan Province, added: “This statistic has increased by more than two percent last year compared to 1998.”

He stated that from 1392 to 1695, the birth rate in Isfahan province has been increasing, adding: “This is while since 1996, this has been a decreasing trend.”

44,298 babies have been born in Isfahan this year

Ghofrani stated that 44,298 people were born in Isfahan province this year, and specified: for every 105 boys, 100 girls were born, of which 93% were urban and 7% were rural.

He continued: The average age of mothers who gave birth this year was 30 years and the average age of fathers was 35 years.

The director general of Isfahan province registry office said: 726 twins, 42 triplets and two quadruplets have been born in Isfahan province this year.

28,538 people died in Isfahan in 9 months of this year

He stated that 28,538 people have lost their lives in Isfahan province this year, adding that the death toll has reached 7% this year, with an average age of 68 years for men and 71 years for women.

Ghofrani, stating that Ali, Amir Ali, Hossein, Amir Hossein and Mahan for boys, Fatemeh, Rasta, Zahra, Helma and Ava for boys have also been at the top of the frequency table in Isfahan, added: Life expectancy in Isfahan province in men 74 and It has been 77 years in men.

He said that in the marriage and divorce survey in 1397, the number of desirable children of Iranian men and women was 2.1 and 2.28, respectively. Was.

Director General of Isfahan Province Registry, stating that out of 28,100 marriages in Isfahan province last year, the average age of marriage was 36 years for men and 26 years for women, said: The average age of first marriage for men is 28 years and for women 24 It has been years.

He added: The average age of divorce for men was 39 years and 34 years for men.

25% of divorces occur in the first 5 years of life Falls

Ghofrani, stating that the age gap between the age of marriage and divorce for the first time added: 25% of divorces in five years, five to 10 years 24%, 10 to 15 years 20%, 15 to 20 years 13%, 20 to 25 years 9 Percent and more than 25 years has been 9 percent.

He stated that this year we had more than 102 thousand identity card changes, 14 thousand duplicate identity cards, 33 thousand baby ID cards and 2,297 cases of name change and 6,165 cases of family name change.

This year, 120,000 national smart card applications have been registered

Ghofrani, stating that this year we had 120,000 registrations of information for the national smart card, said: 4 million and 54 thousand people have completed the registration for the national smart card so far and the target community in this field in the province is 4 million and 170 thousand people.

He emphasized: the old national card is not valid and no services will be provided using it, for this reason, due to the problems of providing the body of the national smart card, we have the issuance of a barcode on the agenda.

The Director General of the Civil Registry of Isfahan Province, stating that so far in Isfahan Province, 1,706 cases of children without identity resulting from the marriage of foreign men to Iranian women have been issued, said: This process is being done rapidly.


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