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8 solutions to solve the problem of Apple pen not working

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The Apple Pencil performs flawlessly and you rarely see or feel any lag. The ability to take notes, mark documents and design are among the features of this product. Of course, some professional designers use the Apple pen to create very beautiful works of art in the Procreate application. Of course, sometimes you may see a malfunction in the Apple pen, which has various reasons. If you are struggling with this issue, this guide is for you.

In the rest of this article, we review the solutions to the problem of the Apple pen not working.

8 solutions to solve the problem of Apple pen not working

1- Checking Apple pen compatibility

Just bought an Apple Pencil but it doesn’t work on the iPad? You may have purchased a product that is incompatible with your device. 2nd generation Apple pens are incompatible with devices that came before them, and 1st generation pens are not compatible with devices that come after them. Below you can see the list of iPads that are supported by two generations of this pen:

Apple Pencil (first generation) Apple Pencil (second generation)

iPad (6th to 9th generation) iPad mini (6th generation)

iPad Air (third generation) iPad Pro 12.9 (third to fifth generation)

iPad mini (5th generation) iPad Pro 11 inch (first to third generation)

iPad Pro 12.9 inches (first and second generation) iPad Air (fourth and fifth generation)

iPad Pro 10.5 inches

9.7 inch iPad

If the Apple pen is not compatible with your iPad, return it immediately and get a compatible model. If your pen is not compatible, try the next solution.

2- Recharge the battery of Apple pen

The Apple Pencil works using Bluetooth and has a battery that needs to be charged. If your Apple Pencil isn’t working, it’s likely that the battery is dead. To check the battery status of the Apple Pencil on the iPad, you need to add the battery widget to the iPad home screen.

If you are using the first generation Apple Pencil and you want to charge it, remove the back cover and connect it to the Lightning port on the iPad. Since the second-generation Apple Pencil is equipped with wireless charging technology, you need to attach it to the right side of the iPad, so that it can be magnetically attached to the iPad and charged wirelessly.

Make sure your iPad battery has enough power to charge the Apple Pencil.

3- Activate Bluetooth

As I mentioned earlier, the Apple Pencil works with a Bluetooth connection. Therefore, to connect to the Apple pen, you need to activate the Bluetooth of the iPad. But how to make sure that Bluetooth iPad is active?

1- Open Control Center on iPad.

2- If the Bluetooth icon is blue, it indicates that Bluetooth is active.

To find out how to connect the Apple Pencil to the iPad, follow these steps:

1- Tap on the central part of the connection widget and hold it for a few seconds.

2- After opening the widget, tap and hold the Bluetooth icon. A list of available and connected devices will appear.

3- If your Apple pen is connected, click Confirm.

If everything works, turn the device’s Bluetooth off and on and try to connect them again.

4- Application compatibility check

You noticed that different Apple fonts are compatible with different iPads. Similarly, not all applications support Apple Pen input. Although the two most used apps, Notes and Sketching, are compatible with the Apple Pencil, most applications list their compatibility with the Apple Pencil in the description section.

5- Pairing the Apple pen again

Connectivity issues with wireless devices are more common than you might think. One of the easiest ways to fix this problem is to re-pair with the original device. The same is true for the Apple Pencil. Unpair your Apple Pencil with your iPad and pair it again after a few minutes.

6- Restart the iPad

Rebooting is another quick way to fix device problems, especially when you’re having problems connecting wireless devices. A quick reboot might be more helpful than you think for fixing connectivity issues.

7- Ensuring the correct connection of the tip of the pen

If you haven’t noticed yet, the Apple Pencil has a replaceable nib, and it eventually wears out after a while and needs to be replaced. In addition, if the tip of the Apple Pencil is loose, you may not receive a response from it while working.

Turn the tip of the Apple pen clockwise to secure its connection to the pen body. However, if the nib is lost or damaged, you should get a new one.

8- Contact Apple support

If none of the above steps help, the final solution is to contact Apple Support. If your Apple Pencil is covered by AppleCare or AppleCare+ support and is malfunctioning, it will be replaced at no charge. However, contact Apple Support or take it to the nearest Apple Authorized Reseller.

Frequently asked questions

Question: How do you reset the Apple Pencil?

Open the iPad settings and go to the Bluetooth section; Press the i button that is embedded next to your connected Apple pen; Select the Forget This Device option and tap on Forger Device for final confirmation.

Question: How long does the Apple pen last?

Apple pen works up to 12 hours after full charge.

Question: How long does the tip of the Apple pen last?

Depending on how you use it, the Apple Pencil tip will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Question: Can the Apple Pencil be repaired?

no The Apple Pencil cannot be repaired. If your pen has a problem during production and is under Apple Care support, Apple will investigate it. However, accidental damage is not part of the Apple Care support service and only if you are covered by the AppleCare+ support service, it may be repaired at the cost of your Apple Pencil.

Question: How much will it cost to repair the Apple Pencil?

The company charges you $29 to use AppleCare+ services for both generations of the Apple Pencil. If your Apple Pencil is out of warranty, it will cost $79 to repair the first generation stylus and $109 for the second generation.

If you have any problems related to the function of the Apple pen, raise it in the comments section. We will try to help you.

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