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8 students of Alborz were selected in the contest to answer questions about hijab – Mehr news agency Iran and world’s news

In an interview with Mehr reporter, Zahra Shaker Ardakani stated: Eight female students of this province were chosen in the contest to answer questions about the hijab.

He pointed out that this student was honored at the Girls’ Day celebration held at Nejad Fallah Martyrs’ Hall, and added: The provincial contest for answers to hijab questions was conducted from the content prepared by the Union of Islamic Associations regarding girls’ questions about hijab.

He pointed out that this competition was held for first and second year high school girls with 930 participants.

He reminded: Abdullahi is in this competition. Sana advantage Puri and Melika Jafari from education and training of district one and Zahra Faizi from district three of Karaj were chosen.

Shaker continued: Nazanin Sadat Mousavi’s students from Savajbalag, Nazarabad and Eshthard cities. Leia Qolizadeh, Sara Tulabi And Mehrsa The chosen qualities were recognized.

He clarified: This provincial competition was held under the title of answer to hijab questions for first and second grade girls.

The head of women’s education affairs of Alborz province emphasized: In this cultural and educational competition, we seek to increase the level of students’ awareness of the important issue of hijab, because hijab is one of the important bastions of Islamic civilization.

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