80% growth in rent in Pardis and Parand / Percent increase in rent around Tehran

According to Tejarat News, according to housing prices in cities around Tehran and apartment rental rates in those cities, a list of average housing rental prices in some cities around Tehran with a percentage increase in rent in the past year has been obtained.

According to prices and the percentage of annual price increases, cities Pardis And پرند With an 80% increase in rents in the past year, they recorded the highest percentage increase in rents. Also cities Varamin And پاکدشت With a 78 percent increase in rental rates over the past year, they have seen a significant percentage increase in prices.

A noteworthy point in these cities is the reduction in rental rates Varamin, Pakdasht And پرند From September 1400 to October 1400, prices were reduced.

According to the information on the wall, the monthly rent of 80-meter apartments in cities قرچک And Lavasan From October 1999 to October 1400, it has increased by about 65%.

Shahriar And فشم There are cities that have seen a 57% increase in rents in the past year. also Qods city It has been accompanied by a 52% increase in rent.

Among the cities in the table below cities بومهن, Robat Karim And Ruden In the past year, they have recorded the lowest rate of increase in apartment rent. The percentage increase in rents in the city of Bumhan, which had the lowest percentage increase, has increased by 33%.

In the table below, you can see the average rental rate of apartments in some cities around Tehran, along with the percentage increase in monthly and annual rent.

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