Criticism of Tel Aviv’s “stupidity” against Tehran; Israeli experts: Nothing scares Iran anymore

According to Fars News Agency International Group, the issue of Iran has been very prominent in the assessments of Israeli experts and analysts in the past two days, because they realized that the many talks of Israeli officials about Iran have not changed much in the country’s position. The Israelis are keen for Washington to talk about “other options” against Iran, meaning aggressive options, but the reality is that Washington means other options: diplomatic options.

news Network المیادین With the above introduction, he examined the positions of the Zionist officials against the Islamic Republic of Iran and the nuclear case and wrote that another issue that Zionist experts and analysts focused on was related to the recent practical actions of the Zionist regime against Iran; Like a cyber attack on an Iranian gas station. They stressed that such a move would have a weak strategic impact, as hitting the lives of Iranian citizens would not overthrow a government that has long resisted US sanctions.

The secret and multidimensional war between Iran and Israel

Amos Yadlin, the former head of the military intelligence department of the Israeli army, said that a secret war between “Israel” and Iran is taking place in all dimensions (land and sea) and last week it was carried out in the form of a cyber attack.

Yadlin noted that in the past two weeks, there has been talk from Washington that “if Iran does not return to the nuclear deal, there are other options.” So the Israelis are very eager to believe that the other options are offensive options, but the fact is that the Americans did not even say “all options are on the table”, but simply said “other options”.

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He also stressed that the Zionist talks in Washington show that the other options are the same as the diplomatic ones. So Iran goes back to the deal because it realizes that it has exhausted the Americans.

Continuation of the Zionist regime’s stupidity on the issue of Iran

On the other hand, Ofer Shalh is a former member of the Foreign Relations and Security Commission [پارلمان رژیم صهیونیستی], Wrote a note in the Israeli newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, claiming that the target [صهیونیستها] In Iran, because of the fuel crisis caused by the cyber attack, “the rich and affluent people are pressuring the Iranian regime to give up its nuclear program.”

Shallah referred to such a view of the Zionists as “the continuation of Israeli stupidity on the issue of Iran” and wrote that this is while “the strategic situation [رژیم صهیونیستی] It is deteriorating … so if a sophisticated cyber operation by the Iranians or Palestinians disables the coffee machines in northern Tel Aviv, is it a protest against Israeli policy in the territories? [فلسطین اشغالی] it is going to happen?”.

He went on to say that while the Zionists are proud of airstrikes, cyberattacks and assassinations, Iranian officials are “reaching agreements with China and Russia and even approaching their stubborn enemies in Saudi Arabia.” They are towards [انرژی صلح‌آمیز] “The nucleus is moving, while Israel is not looking for it at all.”

Dan Holotz, the former chief of staff of the Israeli army, said about the possibility of an attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities that the Zionist regime could hit Iran’s nuclear program only with US help, and “a few years ago the opportunity to do so, much more [از حال حاضر] Was”.

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Criticizing the Zionist officials’ nonsense about Iran, Amos Hareil, a military analyst for the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz, said: “It flew in the sky of the Middle East, it did not instill fear in the heart of Tehran.”

Expressing doubts about the impact of the Zionist regime’s sabotage on Iran’s positions, Hareil stated that the Zionist regime exposes itself to counter-attacks by cyber sabotage, because it is not able to protect all sites. As if due to Iran’s retaliatory actions, the Zionist regime’s naval attacks have recently decreased.

In the end, Hareil pointed out that the reason for the increase in the activities of the Zionist regime against Iran is the disappointment of the security officials of this regime. They acknowledge that the Zionist influence on the United States over the nuclear talks has been “weak.”

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