A ceremony was held to honor Iran’s boxing veterans

According to IRNA, the ceremony honoring Iran’s boxing veterans and unveiling of Sardis “Masis Hambarsumian” Veteran, champion and former captain of the national boxing team this morning (Saturday) in the presence of Seyed Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports and Youth, Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri, President of the National Olympic Committee, Hossein Thori, President of the Boxing Federation, Kikavous Saeedi, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee, Peyman Fakhri, Head of the Team Monitoring Center Melli, Nasrullah Sajjadi and a group of boxing veterans were held in the hall of the Persian Master of the National Olympic Committee.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Thori explained the performance of the Boxing Federation: “Boxing veterans are associated with a good family in this field, and the footprints of these loved ones shine throughout history.” I thank the Olympic Committee as the sponsor of this event, who laid the foundation stone fairly. Every time we referred to Salehi Amiri on the subject of your veterans, he did not help and always took the initiative to praise your veterans. Veterans are the identity card and the beacon of this field, and all we have is the result of their efforts. We are happy that the great hero Masis Hambarsumian is with us.

Hossein Sahraei, one of the pioneers in this field, praised Masis Hambarsumian and said: When I joined the national team at the age of 16, Masis was our captain and he is still our captain. He said that before and after the revolution, no one respected us except Hussein Thori. After 50 years, your boxing veterans were honored. We want nothing but respect. Appreciation for Masis, who lives on the other side of the world, was invaluable and encouraging.

Manouchehr Maghsoudi, a veteran and a member of the board of directors of the Boxing Federation, also said: “Iranian boxing has always participated in the Olympics for the past 86 years.” Has competed in wrestling since the Helsinki Olympics alongside wrestling and weightlifting. After the reopening of the federation, boxing owes a debt to Ahmad Nategh Nouri. Fortunately, boxing after him fell into the hands of an educated and capable young man who eventually led us to the world medal. If the boxing federation is supported financially and spiritually, this field can finally reach the Olympic medal.

Following the ceremony, Sardis Masis Hambarsumian, a valuable champion, former captain of the national boxing team and champion of Asia and the Asian Boxing Games, was honored.

In another part of the ceremony, Salehi Amiri noted: A historic day for the Boxing Federation and lasting moments for your veterans and our lasting assets. Veterans have hearts like the sea and love like the sun and humility like the earth and deserve praise. This program conveys a message to heroes and human beings that if they are steely and glorious today, it is because of the great roots of your predecessors. Sometimes man is forgotten, and this is a delusion, and everyone should know that if we are because of our strong roots in the name of our forefathers, we should not bless the unbelievers.

He continued: Masis, Maghsoudi and Nategh Nouri are a symbol so that all young people know that if victory was achieved, it would be in hardship and suffering. We invited Masis from Armenia to Tehran to send a message that we appreciate your efforts. The National Olympic Committee belongs to the veterans and their home. Your predecessors own this house and we are the guests. Humanity is the common border of your predecessors.

At the end of the ceremony, Hamid Sajjadi, Minister of Sports and Youth, attended the ceremony and noted: “I thank Salehi Amiri and tell Hossein Thori not to get tired.” As the host and host of this event, along with the Olympic Committee, I welcome your veterans.

Alireza Esteki, the head coach of the national team, also said: “Last year, in Armenia, I met Hambarsumyan and I was really pleased with his knowledge and soil.”

The head coach of the Iranian national boxing team said: “God has registered an honor in our name and the 90-year-old fatigue of boxing has arisen.” I do not know why this issue was marginalized instead of more support, and I do not know the reason for some criticism. I wish this did not happen.

At the end of the ceremony, 30 veterans and champions of this field and Daniel Shahbakhsh, the only medalist of this field in the world competitions, were honored.

“I hope that the problem of boxing in the Olympics will be solved,” Thori said on the sidelines of the event, in response to the International Olympic Committee’s move to change the Olympic quota.

Regarding the protest letter of the federations to the parliament about the budget, he emphasized: “We have also signed the protest letter to the parliament.” They should help.

In another part of his speech, on behalf of the boxing community, Thori asked Sajjadi to provide Hall 9 of the Revolution Sports Complex to the boxing family completely and exclusively. He requested that the hall be converted into a national boxing team camp, as the federation’s semi-functional camp belonged to the sport due to the great force of the wrestling federation.

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