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The provisions of the insurance policies must be fully and transparently communicated to the insurers

According to the Monetary and Financial News, quoting the General Department of Public Relations and International Affairs of the Central Insurance, in the announcement by the Insurance Industry Supervisory, while announcing this matter, it is emphasized: Sending the insurance form without informing the insurers to complete the insurance process It is not legal and company representatives should consider this issue.

The statement continued: “The method of issuing the insurance policy must be within the framework of legal rules, and any violation of it will cause serious problems in the issuance process.”

It should be noted that according to the insurance laws, before issuing the insurance policy, it is necessary to apply the documents and see all its obligations and coverages and the consent of the insurer.

At the end of this announcement, insurance companies are asked to have more control over the process of issuing insurance policies.

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