A charity that employed addicts

According to the Fars News Agency community reporter, the rehabilitated people of the Brotherhood Center are building a light and insulated wall. With the efforts of Araz Mohammadkar, a social entrepreneur and a member of the board of directors of the Association of Benefactors of the Life of the country, light and insulated walls (Tridi Panel) are produced in the detention center for drug addicts in Mutjahar (Article 16). ) Brotherhood is launched.

Araz Mohammad Ker, a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Benefactors of Life Helpers of the country, attended the Mutjahar Akhwan drug addiction center and signed a memorandum of understanding to employ 50 patients of this center in two shifts, morning and afternoon.

Araz Mohammad Ker was accompanied by Hasan Hamzezadeh, the Secretary General of the Association of Benefactors of the Life of the Country, Kamran Bahrami, an expert of the prevention and demand reduction department of the anti-narcotics headquarters, Majid Fatahi, the secretary of the coordination council of the anti-narcotics headquarters in West Tehran.

This one-year agreement was signed between Araz Mohammad Ker and Ebrahim Arab Khazaeli, the operation manager of the Akhwan Center, in order to create employment for those seeking help and recovering from addiction.

According to this memorandum, within the next month, Araz Mohammad Ker will set up a tri-panel production factory (light and insulated walls) in one of the sheds provided by the Brotherhood’s Article 16 Center and bring it to mass production.

He intends to develop this work in this center if the officials of Mutjahar Akhwan’s drug addicts care center help and cooperate.

At present, 3 thousand and 19 people are being cared for in the Mutjahar Akhwan drug addiction center.

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