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A circular banning personalization and issuing case checks was issued

To all selected branches and bank counters of Post Bank of Iran:

According to the Monetary Financial News, during the Circular No. 00/213 / B dated 1400/10/20, the Deputy Minister of Finance and Investment of Post Bank of Iran, based on the Circular No. 00/278944 dated 1400/09/24, announced by the Payment Systems Department of the Central Bank of Iran. Iran. Personalization and issuance of case checks through ordinary check cards to customers is prohibited, and if a case check is presented using a regular check, the offending bank will be disciplined.

according to this; From the date of notification of this circular, personalization and delivery of case checks to customers using the existing normal check format is prohibited, and branches are not allowed to perform the process in any way, and if observed, will be treated in accordance with the rules.

Also according to the mentioned circular; The process of printing Post Bank case checks with the coordinates, features and security components of the above announcement is underway, which will be informed to all provinces and branches as soon as the printing process is completed.

It should be noted that the provisions of this circular do not apply to case checks that have already been personalized and provided to customers. .

It is worth mentioning that the relevant officials in selected branches and bank counters of Post Bank of Iran should be responsible for the transfer of case checks of other banks on the apparent control of check papers based on the security specifications of case checks and other operations related to assignment in Chakavok module such as: Scan Back and forth, check entry information and… in accordance with the provisions of the instructions and notified user guide.

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