Which foreign car model should get a technical inspection certificate?

According to Eqtesad Online, quoted by ISNA, Hossein Moghadam stated that according to the arrival of the new year 2022, the imported vehicles of the 2018 model are subject to technical inspection according to the month of production, and said: “According to the Clean Air Law, the exemption period should be done.” The technical inspection is set at 4 years from the time of manufacture for private and public vehicles and 1 year for public vehicles.

Regarding how motorcycles are referred to Tehran technical inspection centers, he said: “According to the law, to ensure the correct operation of technical, safety and pollution control, technical inspection of all motor vehicles, including cars and motorcycles, is mandatory. Tehran has 11 motorcycle technical inspection lines.” And the occupants of these vehicles can easily be informed of the technical health status of their motorcycle by paying 12,000 Tomans outside the legal requirements.

Moghaddam said: it is necessary to explain the technical inspection in countries nationally or locally with the aim of controlling the safety and emission of vehicles after the production process to ensure compliance of the vehicle with the regulations established and planned and vehicle technical inspection centers The period of time specified in the law is to monitor and control the necessary conditions in a vehicle for safe traffic, and without a doubt, motorcycles as a vehicle are no exception to this control, and the illegality of these vehicles from obtaining Technical inspection can cause irreparable damage in the field of safety and health to the city and its citizens.

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He stated: “According to the law, a vehicle’s technical inspection certificate is valid as long as the vehicle has a technical defect that reduces traffic safety or emits excessive air pollutant gases or excessive noise pollution.” Do not be.

Moghaddam added: a car that changes its appearance after installing a technical inspection and installs non-standard equipment such as guards or xenon lamps and headlights, will be stopped by the police and its technical inspection will be canceled immediately.

He said: “From the beginning of this year, the cost of the first visit of the technical inspection of taxis in Tehran in five technical inspection centers of Beyhaqi, Shaghayegh, Damavand, Chamran, Niayesh is free, and taxis can be inquired through the Sima Taxi system of the taxi organization if they have valid licenses.” They are in control, they can use this free first visit plan every time they visit the announced technical examination centers annually.

He stated that the cost of the first visit of the technical inspection of light vehicles is 47,000 Tomans and taxis with a life of 10 years and less according to the law and government approvals should be taken once every 6 months and taxis with a life of more than 10 years should be taken once every three months. Technical inspection of their car, he added: It is also emphasized that the acceptance of taxis will be done in other technical inspection centers in Tehran, and respected taxi drivers, if they want to use the free plan, should only go to one of the five announced centers.

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