A new condition for the payment of equity dividends / people’s expectation was used as an excuse for fraud

According to Tejarat News, recently Majid Eshghi, the head of the Stock Exchange Organization, has made the payment of equity dividends subject to the determination of how the profits will be distributed. In a conversation with reporters, he explained that to pay this amount, two points must be decided first; The method and timing of profit distribution. In this case, it is possible to decide to pay equity dividends.

Of course, he has promised that the meetings of provincial equity investment companies will be held. He said that “we will try to finalize the relevant issues by the end of July so that the process of holding these assemblies can begin.”

Fraud under the pretext of equity interest

In this situation, the expectation of some people to receive equity dividends became an excuse to defraud them. Fars wrote in this regard: “Some profit seekers, with the support of fake news about the payment of equity dividends on Eid al-Adha, published a contaminated link in cyberspace, which promised to pay 5 to 7 million tomans in return for paying 5 or 10 thousand tomans as tax. They raised the issue in the fake application called “Sham Adalat”.

According to this report, on the day of Eid al-Adha, infected links with the title of receiving equity dividends were broadcast on foreign messengers, which emphasized the news and encouraged the audience to check the status of their shares by opening the link. Then, receiving a profit of five or seven million is subject to paying 5 to 10 thousand tomans in tax, and meanwhile, by opening the link and downloading the fake application, the user’s information is available to the cyber fraudster. Therefore, the applicant has both paid the above amount and received the message containing the infected link for the audience, which expands the chain of fraud. This is while the publication of fake news in various news sites had a great impact on attracting people to give credit to these contaminated messages.

The story of the government’s Eid payment during the holidays of Qurban and Ghadir

According to Tejarat News, this year news about the government’s Eid al-Adha and Ghadir were also published for which there was no reliable source. In July of last year, some media reported about the payment of Eid al-Adha subsidy, but later it turned out that such subsidy is not true and the same cash subsidy is supposed to be deposited into the account of household heads. The same news was repeated this year.

Also, in recent days, some media reported about the payment of Ghadir Eid subsidy. However, Tejarat News’ follow-up showed that the Eid Ghadir subsidy payment is not true and no official has announced such news until now.

The issue of Ghadir’s subsidy or Eid was also in the news last year. But last year, the government did not pay any new subsidy, and this year, like last year, no new subsidy is going to be paid.

The only subsidy that is paid now is a cash subsidy of 300,000 and 400,000 tomans, which is deposited into the account of the heads of households on the 20th of every month. Of course, last year and the year before, the government also paid two special subsidies to the people. But it is unlikely that the government will pay such a subsidy this year.

For more information, read the government’s Eid report for Ghadir Eid.

Where did you get the facility with equity shares?

But where has the story of getting a loan with equity shares reached? In August of last year, the electronic verification system (Hoshmand Setareh) was launched and it was decided that the shareholders could receive facilities with the value of their shares, and in fact, their shares would become collateral for bank loans, and even beyond that, the possibility of issuing a pledge of shares for Judicial institutions should be provided, but after a year since the launch of this system, banks still do not want to endorse the shares, while equity shares were supposed to play the role of collateral so that their owners can use bank loans.

“Mohammed Baghestani”, the CEO of the Central Depository of Securities and Funds Settlement Company (SAMAT), said about the cooperation of banks with the Star system for pledging shares and paying facilities with this collateral: Currently, many banks are negotiating to use this system. are the system and some banks also use this authentication.

Stating that even private banks are negotiating to use the Star system and use this possibility, he said: Some banks are implementing this service in their systems. But how valuable and attractive this possibility is from a business point of view, and how banks should implement this service depends on the respective bank’s own policies.

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