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A review of the text and margins of the “Mito” movement in Iranian cinema

Fars News Agency – Radio and Television Group: Following the outspoken revelations and narratives that have been published in recent years about the existence of violence against women in Iranian cinema, a group of Iranian women filmmakers protested against violence and harassment against women in the cinema environment, a statement entitled “Statement of Women Involved in Cinema” “In protest of violence against women in this area,” they called for the formation of an independent committee at the Cinema House to investigate the allegations. The “Mito Iran” movement began with the revelation of an assistant director on Instagram. In fact, the story started a long time ago; From the revelations against “Aydin. Famous painter, especially after breaking the record in Tehran auction. Of course, it started even earlier; Where dozens of girls graduated from the University of Tehran against a person named “Saturn. They revealed on Twitter and the number of rape reports increased so much that the police intervened and arrested the person.

After that, the MeToo movement against sexual abuse and harassment in Iran continued vigorously, and from time to time, stories of harassment and harassment were published in the field of art, journalism, etc., until “Somayeh Mirshamsi “, Assistant director for the harassment by the famous actor” Farhad. He had seen one of Hatef Alimardani’s works during the filming, and this was the beginning of Mito’s dominoes. The revelation prompted a group of women filmmakers to issue statements protesting violence against women. After this statement, which had 800 signatures, with the vote of the majority of these people, a five-member women’s committee was formed to investigate sexual harassment and violence in the cinema, which included Hanieh Tavassoli, Taraneh Alidosti, Somayeh Mirshamsi, Ghazaleh Motamed and Maral Jirani.

Among the reactions of the country’s cinema officials to the “statement of women involved in cinema in protest of violence against women in this field”, Mohammad Khazaei, the head of the cinema organization, said in an interview with Iran newspaper on April 5, 1401: It is not only for cinema and there are other classes that the government is not indifferent to these issues and supports and pursues them. At the Ministry of Guidance and the Cinema Organization, we also instructed our colleagues, with the help of the Cinema House, to raise the issues of the artists who had problems in a safe and confidential atmosphere. In this regard, it is decided to review and follow up this issue in the Protection Council. Complaints related to work and ethical issues, as well as legal issues after summarizing, are to be considered in this council. “There is also a representative from the Ministry of Guidance in the Security Council.”

Also, the presence of Alidosti’s song at the 75th Cannes Film Festival and the expression of political speeches on the one hand and the publication of a story by the actors of “Leila Brothers” and the presence of two men accused of harassment in this story, started a deviation in the Mito movement. Alidosti was said to be leading the Mito movement in order to attract public attention and covet the award from the Cannes Film Festival.

A review of the text and margins of the "Mito" movement in Iranian cinema

In this regard, on Friday, Ensieh Khazali, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, in an interview with the radio program “Cinemachi” on “Review of the text and margins of the me too movement in Iranian cinema”, regarding the follow-up of the Vice President for Women’s Affairs The subject and the invitation of these people to attend the Deputy Minister of Women and Family Affairs spoke.

In response to the movement for the protection of women against the so-called 800 women movement, she said in the “Cinemachi” program, which was broadcast on the Young Radio Network on Friday, July 23rd: They were not willing to cooperate to pursue their demands. After the publication of a number of these narratives, we publicly supported the security of the cinema space due to our duty, and we also invited these women filmmakers in a special way and contacted them so that we could support them in pursuing their demands, but of course some of them They did not come and were apparently threatened not to cooperate with the government. Of course, some people came and in the meeting held between the director of the cinema house and the representative of the Ministry of Guidance, complaints were raised about the lack of meritocracy and the problems of women in the cinema. .

The Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, referring to the lack of cooperation of some women in the 800 women movement to pursue legal claims, said: “To date, we have not received any complaints of sexual harassment. On the other hand, some women filmmakers have threatened not to cooperate with While the government is supporting them, it shows that some people seem to be pursuing other goals in the pursuit of women’s rights in cinema. We have been trying to solve these problems since the beginning of this movement, but apparently some people do not want these problems to be solved in their logical way, they want to fish in muddy water and pursue other political goals that have to do with real rights issues. There are no women.

At the end of the conversation, Khazali said: “We consider it our duty to support any effort to make the working environment of women safer in society, and our view is that the Vice President for Women should be safe and shelter for all women who think that their rights have been violated.” . This is not limited to sexual assault, and we see discrimination against women in channels such as office and financial spaces. One of our important programs is to provide a safe and peaceful environment for women, which is reflected in the amendment of some laws and regulations. We also follow the organization. Of course, we are not waiting for a complaint and we are trying to prevent women’s rights.

The radio program “Cinemachi” performed by Ali Moradkhani and produced by Fatemeh Shahbandi will be broadcast on Fridays at 4:00 PM on the Young Radio Network.

Listen to yesterday’s program “Cinemachi” with the theme “Review of the text and margins of the me too movement in Iranian cinema” and with the presence of Ensieh Khazali, Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, in the file below.

It is worth mentioning that recently, at the same time as the Instagram page of 800 women, an Instagram page titled “Mito Iran” has started its activity, which has attracted attention by quoting stories of sexual assaults in the cinema. This page has recently created challenges for the domestic movement of 800 women and provoked their reactions by quoting unsubstantiated and insulting narratives to the defenders of the homeland on Instagram. The Instagram page of 800 women, in response to the margins of Mito Iran’s Instagram page, stated: “This is a trade union movement within the geography of Iran and has no connection with the media and social networks abroad. “The me_to_movement_iran Instagram page has nothing to do with the five-member board following the statement of the 800 women.”

A review of the text and margins of the "Mito" movement in Iranian cinema

Unfortunately, this process, as it was expected to be led to the other side by the permanent opponents of the revolution, has now, in its most blatant form, made baseless accusations against the fighters of the imposed war that in the wars and conflicts of those days women were killed in addition to the Iraqi enemy. There was also harassment of the people’s forces, this issue can be easily tracked and traced, and the sinister goals, so these accusations are clear to everyone as always. Mito Iran’s Instagram page, which has been attributed to the women’s protest movement by the public, and foreign actress Shaghayegh Norouzi is one of the moderators of this Instagram page, has insulted the sacred values ​​of Jan Barkafan Basiji and the honorable people of Iran, so the committee is expected to The representatives of the 800 women movement should take a serious and clear position against the false accusations of this Instagram page.

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