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A statement under the pretext of cinema day that only distributes despair and hopelessness

Fars News Agency – Cinema Group: Being alive and dynamic of art and artists is perhaps the most important concern that is shared by all people of culture and art, from ministry officials to trade unions, it is this single goal that can turn the wheels of cinema, theater, music, etc. and makes names last.

In the artistic society of Iran, two strata directly have the duty of supporting the artists to be a help for the growing growth of Islamic Iranian art and of course to reduce the worries of the artists in the way of production that the artist is alive with his art and his work; The first group is the government officials who are sometimes made up of the artists themselves and are responsible for providing everything for the artists; Of course, everything is in line with the same common goal that was said.

The second group, however, is formed from the community of artists and they have to spend day and night with the concerns of their guild in order to achieve the same common goal by demanding and of course creating peace to produce different works, institutions such as “Cinema House”, “Theatre House” and so on. .. that they should have a trade union activity, although their latest news was only defined in the direction of political goals so that they no longer have a common goal with the artistic community.

Now, in the latest action, “Cinema House” has issued a statement on National Cinema Day and on a day that should talk about the vitality of art and artists. At the beginning of this statement, it is stated: “The Board of Directors of Khane Cinema congratulates all members of Khane Cinema, artists’ community, art students, cinema friends and audiences of Iranian cinema on 21 Shahrivar 1402 Cinema Day and the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Cinema House.” »

But from now on, it’s time to start the words that only used cinema as an excuse to achieve its purpose:Perhaps, in the opinion of some people, it is futile or at least optimistic to hope for happiness in the worrying days of the hot summer of 1402. Although cinematographers are staring at the uncertain horizon of the future with worried eyes, but we have learned from experience that; “How hope emerges from the heart of despair. We all have a part in shaping history. Bringing the human dimension back to the world depends on how we behave here and in these days.

We want the cinema to survive to capture the image of the Iranian people with all their joys or painful sufferings, affections or enmities, sacrifices or selfishness, and most importantly, the brave struggle and the long-lasting demand for freedom and justice, like the treasure of Shaygan.”

Calling the days we are in worrying only shows the solidarity of the Iranian cinema trade union with the anti-revolutionary media. We have absolutely nothing to do with last year’s riots, and regardless of all these currents, we say that it goes without saying that instilling despair and worry in the society at any time is something There is nothing but playing in the enemy’s field

The following is the statement: “It is a matter of displeasure if it is said that in the thirtieth year of the establishment of Cinema House, the Iranian film industry is caught by narrow-minded currents that deeply believe that good cinema is dead cinema. They are responsible for creating an unprecedented crisis that has disrupted the flow of production, broadcasting and display. Economic bankruptcy, widespread unemployment, closing down or under-prosperity of theaters, ruthless audit of theatrical productions at the two stages of issuing production and exhibition licenses, closing of socially critical cinema are only some of the consequences of their performance. Maybe some people try to exaggerate the figures of movie sales and attribute it to the prosperity of Iranian cinema, but the one who laughs has not heard the terrible news.

The first sentences of this paragraph are acceptable from the entire political statement of the cinema house. Iranian cinema is caught by narrow-minded trends that deeply believe that good cinema is dead cinema! And unfortunately, a part of this trend is now writing the statements of the cinema house.

Currents that narrowly consider cinema as the legacy of their fathers and ancestors and are ready to destroy it to express their opinions, here the only thing that does not matter is “cinema” itself; On the other hand, those who are interested in dead cinema, the only thing that comes out of their writings and of course their creations is only despair and death, and “hope” has no place in their words.

Khaneh Cinema further wrote: “The lack of a decision-making system in the field of culture and giving in to everyday life in the field of economy does not show a way out. In addition, the dangerous policy of denying the valuable achievements of Iranian cinema, along with the issuing of heavy judicial sentences to repent filmmakers from demanding and accompanying the people, has given new dimensions to the aforementioned crisis.

Maybe some people wish for the day when the Iranian film industry raises its hands and announces its death, but we don’t forget that we also have a part in making history, and by coincidence, our part is bigger and more important than their part. We do not forget that we want cinema to survive. We do not forget that cinema is a mirror of life. We do not forget that we must stand by our people and colleagues so that they do not succumb to self-inflicted death, forced silence or migration. We do not forget to pass the precious heritage of Iranian cinema. We do not forget to not allow narrow-minded currents to pollute this legacy. We do not forget that happiness is a virtue.”

last word

Perhaps the most important paragraph of this statement is its end, right where the open-air cinema shows its companionship with the riots and of course the celebrities and artists who have poured fire into people’s lives and water into the enemy’s mill.

Apart from these words, we want to say about the cinema, Henry Mazloum, whose biggest union defender used it to speak from another place. Happiness is definitely a virtue and one should resort to cinema to maintain it and to create vitality; An event that has been forgotten for some artists.

The economy of cinema, which is constantly attacked in this statement, is the livelihood of many artists who do not depend on anything other than art and cinema for their livelihood, and now their livelihood and of course the concerns of their industry are in the hands of those whose livelihood has nothing to do with cinema.

I wish that from today an institution like “Cinema House” would change from a statement writing machine to an institution for which cinema is important, even though there is no judicial fee for these hateful acts, they will not be unaffected in their continuation.

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