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“Midoon” created 27,000 jobs/the aim is to decentralize Tehran – Mehr News Agency | Iran and world’s news

According to the reporter of Mehr, the press conference of the fourth season of “Midoon” program, which is aired on Se-Sima channel, was held today, Tuesday, 21 September, at the location of the program, with the presence of the staff and judges of the program.

Javad Heshmati, the director of the program, said in this meeting about the specialization of the new season: “Midoon” was not a specialized program from the beginning, but from the very beginning, the effort was to be an entertainment-oriented economic program.

“Knowing” is not just specialized

Referring to the presence of Bahman Hashemi as a presenter, he stated: In the fourth season, with Bahman Hashemi’s performance, we took a step towards attracting more audience, TV was without Hashemi’s presence for several years, and we are happy now. This program has never been purely specialized and has even had humorous shows that at some point we were criticized why these shows are aired in the program.

Mustafa Khalilzadeh, the producer of “Midoon” also reminded about the atmosphere of this program: In this season, we have more general subjects and not only knowledge-based and specialized subjects.

He went on to say about the number of applicants this season: about eight thousand people had registered, some of them were screened and some were left after telephone interviews. However, if anyone thinks they have an interesting subject or business, they can still register. We choose a subject that has both artistic appeal and economic justification.

Answer to a doubt

Further, Khalilzadeh answered Mehr’s reporter’s question about the suspicion that is sometimes raised behind the scenes of startup and entrepreneurship programs regarding the financial payment from the participants, and said: the number of people who have registered in the program and the rest of the cases Everything is clear and there is no need for any financial transactions. Friends who have come to the program in the past can tell about this process.

He continued: Sometimes some people participate in the program and may not be accepted in the end, so they raise some issues. We finally accept 140 people who must either have a specific business that can be introduced to the public or offer a specific product. The tips for choosing these applicants are specialized.

Mina Mehrnoosh, the judge of the program, also clarified: With a simple calculation, it can be seen that the costs for making such a program are billions, while the businesses that are present here are small businesses, and it does not fit with logic that a cost of They should be taken while the program itself has high costs. By the way, our challenge with the Sedavosima organization itself is that these businesses are mentioned in the program, but they do not pay money in the commercial department of the organization.

Referring to the high number of applicants, he reminded: We ourselves are very sad that many of the participants cannot participate in the program. On the other hand, we want the participants to be entrepreneurs who include businesses and diverse strata, for example, people who are deaf or promising cases to appear in the program.

A program that has created 27 thousand jobs in one year

Alireza Yonchi, another judge of “Midon” also pointed to the opportunity that the program has created for entrepreneurship and said: this program has created 27 thousand jobs in the last year alone.

In another part of the meeting, Bahman Hashemi said about participating in this season of the program: I am happy to be in this program; A program where those who don’t have money to present themselves appear. I myself love work and production and I believe that this program should be supported because our need today is to support production.

Hossein Sirani, another judge of this competition, said about the importance of the entrepreneurial environment: If you ask today’s youth what is your role model in sports or other fields, they can give examples and name people, but we don’t have this model in the field of entrepreneurship, while there are important brands in the world. They model

In response to another question about the experience of performing in this program, Hashemi stated: This program takes a lot of time. It takes a few hours to record one episode of each program and all the judges spend a lot of time, maybe that’s why I didn’t become an actor at all because it was time-consuming for me (laughs). The filming of this program takes three or four hours in the 50 minutes it goes on air. In thirty years of performing, I have never had a recorded show last this long, especially since most of my shows have been live, so I haven’t seen my shows yet.

A special invitation for women to attend “Midoon”

Mehrnoosh further said about an interesting point in this contest: One of the interesting points of “Midon” is that people from different ethnicities came to the program and were presented. A lady had come to “Midon” who had produced products from camels in the deserts and had a very high income. Many people asked me after that program if these are real or not. “Midoon” has given these people a frame to be seen and it is interesting that the business of these people is strange for the people of that province or city.

Heshmati further stated about one of the goals of the program: One of our goals is to de-Tehran and our effort is that different cities have representatives in this program and be seen.

In the end, Mehrnoosh said: The most important reason why women do not go into business is the fear of failure, while the business path is winding and I would like a special invitation for women to take place in “Midoon”.

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