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Akbarshahi: The plan to reduce ticket prices in the cinemas of Tehran Municipality will be implemented from the beginning of summer

According to Fars News Agency, quoting the public relations of the Image of the City Institute, Majid Akbarshahi, the director of this institute, announced the implementation of the summer plan in the cinemas of Tehran Municipality and said: We had a ticket for the birthday of Imam Reza (AS), we decided to make arrangements to attract more audiences in the sub-cinemas.

He added: “Since the cinemas of the Image of the City Institute are under the auspices of Tehran Municipality and ensuring the welfare and comfort of citizens is one of the main duties of this institution, we decided to reduce the ticket price in cinemas on some days and hours.”
Akbarshahi explained about the details of this project and the ticket prices of the following cinemas: Three days at the beginning of the week (Saturday, Sunday and Monday), the tickets in “Mellat”, “Tamasha” and “Raga” cinema campuses will be half price until 19:00 and from From 7 pm onwards, it will be reduced from 45 thousand Tomans to 35 thousand Tomans for all films in Mellat Campus and from 35 thousand Tomans to 25 thousand Tomans in Raga and Tamasha campuses.

He also continued: “This project will be implemented in the following cinemas from the beginning of summer, July 1401, and on other days of the week, according to the previous routine, the ticket price will be half price on Tuesdays and the last three days of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) is offered to citizens in full price.
The director of the City Image Institute stated: “Since the beginning of this year, we have decided not to increase the price of cinema tickets at the Razi Cinema Campus in District 11 of Tehran Municipality, which is one of the cinemas of this institute, and this cinema will be the same as this year.” In the past, it offers tickets to the audience at a price of 15,000 Tomans all days of the week.
In the end, Majid Akbarshahi expressed his hope that with the implementation of this project, the audience’s acceptance of the films will increase and prosperity will return to the cinemas.
It should be noted that Mellat Cinema Campus located on Niayesh Highway, next to Mellat Park with 12 theaters, Raga Cinema Campus in Rey city and Tamasha in Yaftabad region each with 3 theaters and Razi in Customs Square with 2 theaters It hosts citizens and cinema audiences.
Those who are interested can refer to the online ticket sales systems of Cinematict, Box Office 7 and IranTick to see the schedule of showing movies and booking tickets in the mentioned cinemas.

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