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All our efforts are on identifying opportunities to implement knowledge-based and job-creating projects in the province

According to the Iran Economist, 1- What are your plans for fulfilling the slogan of the year “Production, knowledge-based, job-creating”?
In general, the grand plans of the branches as a member of the whole bank are a function of the policies and in continuation of the bank’s plans to implement and realize the slogan of the year, ie producing knowledge-based and employment-creating. In this regard, the branch will implement all policies and programs prepared and explained by the senior management of the bank, and in the province, the necessary efforts will be made to identify the potential of the province in the field of knowledge-based products, and this by communicating with Areas related to this issue, including the Provincial Silence Organization, the Center for Growth and Technology, as well as the Science and Technology Park, universities, chambers of commerce, the House of Industry and Mining, will be available and efforts will be made to provide units with basic knowledge potential. The required financial and the methods needed for business success, including new methods of presence in the AL marketing and digital marketing market, should be supported, and the necessary advice should be provided to these units in the areas of organizational resource planning and successful business presence.
2- What are the most important policies and strategies of the branch in 1401?
The most important policies and strategies of the branch in the first stage is the implementation of macro-bank policies this year and in the next stage with the necessary planning, the branch strategy to identify and finance effective units to create added value – employment and wealth for the province and interaction with all stakeholders Production – including regulatory bodies – policy-making organizations, NGOs and customers themselves to allocate the bank’s facilities intelligently and purposefully to achieve this strategy that meets both the interests of the bank as a financial institution and the needs of production units in the fields Be funded.
Also, trying to implement effective supply chain financing and efficient systems in this field in order to clarify the bank’s performance and the correct use of payment facilities in the desired location and production will be the main priorities of this management in the province.
3- How many industrial projects and how many facilities have you paid for during the past year? Announce the type of industry, the amount of production along with the type of product, the amount of employment and the type of payment facilities.
Last year, 8000 billion Rials worth of facilities were paid in the province, which includes various units with a variety of products in the fields of food, petrochemical, steel, downstream petrochemical and oil industries, non-metallic minerals, cellulose, etc., of which The amount of 7600 billion rials in the form of working capital and the amount of 400 billion rials in the form of fixed capital.
4- How many industrial units have been set up with bank facilities in the province, how much progress has been made and how many jobs will be created by exploiting them? Which of the projects in operation are knowledge-based?
9 projects that started in 1399 have been implemented in 1400, which has created 267 new jobs.
Currently, there are 5 projects in progress that have a physical progress of 50 to 90%. 90 people create direct jobs.
5 What steps have you taken to revive inactive production units?
Regarding the revitalization of inactive production units, if the applicant or investor has an effective and codified scientific program for production and revitalization of the unit and has the necessary product and technology market, the bank will assist in providing the required financial resources and possibly assigning possible debts. Will act.

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