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All phones in the European market should be equipped with a USB-C port by the fall of 2024

EU lawmakers have agreed to pass legislation that Autumn 2024 All smartphones – including the Apple iPhone – are required to provide wired charging ports for sale in EU member states. USB-C he does. The law also covers other electronic products, including tablets, digital cameras, headphones, handheld game consoles and bookstores.

The law has been under scrutiny for years, but agreement on its details and scope is now in the European Union. Was obtained. Committee on Internal Markets and Consumer Protection in the European Parliament Tweet He announced this news before the press conference. The relevant press release states that this law will coincide with the fall of 2024 Autumn of 1403 Is implemented.

Of course, this law still needs to be approved by the Parliament and the Council of Europe in order to be implemented. However, “we have access to Shared charger We achieved in Europe. European consumers have long been troubled by the sheer number of chargers that come with each new device. “Users can now use one charger for all portable electronics.”

All phones in the European market should be equipped with a USB-C port by the fall of 2024 2

USB-C port, a way to reduce e-waste

The law also discusses wireless chargers and the synchronization of fast charging standards. The EU wants volume this way Electronic waste Reduce. Lawmakers hope that in the future each device will not need to supply a separate charger cable, as each user will be able to charge all devices with one charger. The European Union envisions that with this law it can do so annually 250 million euros At cost and 11 thousand tons Save on waste generation.

This change will have the biggest impact on Apple’s business, which is the only large company with its own port. Apple sold about 56 million iPhones in Europe in 2021, so the law could be a big problem for them.

Of course, the rule says that devices that only charge wirelessly do not need to use a USB-C port, so Apple may want to remove the charging port altogether, but this seems a bit unlikely, and given the rumors that We’ve heard about the USB-C iPhone before, apparently the company itself is ready to accept the change.

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