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All stories about the performance of the show “Let’s go to the moon”

A theater director criticizes and complains about the uncertain status of the performance of the play “Let’s Go to the Moon” in the art hall, and at the same time, the director of the hall says: This play has not been reviewed so that we want to perform it on a specific date.

Charso Press: Maryam Mansouri has made a promise with this theater to perform the show “Bezan Brim Mah” in the art hall and was supposed to stage this show this spring, but she announced the uncertainty of the performance of this show and raised complaints from the art hall.
Giving explanations about the process of approving the performance of this play in the Art Hall, he reminded: In March of 1400, following the publication of the Hall of Art’s call for performances in 1401, our group also presented the play “Let’s Go to the Moon”, which after the text was approved by hall and receiving permission for the text from the supervision and evaluation council of the General Department of Performing Arts, it was decided to go on stage after the review.

Referring to the rehearsal of this play last summer, Mansouri continued: At that time, Mr. Ali Pakdast, who was one of the advisors and experts of the Art Hall at that time, was with me as the director’s advisor, of course, he was also in early September last year. This hall stopped cooperating. In any case, our rehearsals continued until the end of September last year, but following the social events that led to the closure of theaters, including Art Hall, we reached a joint decision to stop rehearsing our show in a conversation with the director of the theater and after consulting with him. . Because as a work director, I considered myself responsible for the security of the group. In addition to the fact that at that time, theater was not a social issue and even theater performances had stopped.

Referring to the resumption of the activities of some theaters in the winter of last year, he added: After two or three months, when the conditions for theater performances had improved and the theaters, Tak and Tok, had opened, the coordination director of Art Hall contacted A phone call informed me that we need to have another meeting with the hall management to decide whether to proceed or cancel the performance. Otherwise, not starting the exercise will be considered as a withdrawal from the performance. This was while we had made shadow puppets, bodysuits, and Batumi puppets at our own expense and without a riyal of allowance, and after two and a half months of training, the children of the group did not want to stop the work. But on the other hand, in the meantime, some members of the group had to turn to other jobs due to the closure of the theater and difficult economic conditions, and for this reason, half of the main actors of our show had to change. All theatergoers know that such a change in a performance group amounts to rehearsing. For this reason, we resumed training and were training from mid-February to the end of March last year.

Referring to the performance time of this show, Mansouri continued: Before this, our show was supposed to be performed as the second performance of the Art Hall in the spring of 1402, i.e. starting from May 20, and finally ending by the end of June. Based on this, it was decided to do the review in the last week of March, but later it was announced that the group that was scheduled to perform before us and was supposed to perform on the stage from the 7th of April, its performance has been postponed and naturally our performance will also be delayed. It will be postponed to June, following this change and due to my health condition, which was somewhat problematic at that point, we requested to postpone our review to the end of April, stressing that the time of our performance will remain in June, which he They also accepted. But suddenly, in the last week of March, the director of Art Hall announced that a budget of 4 billion has been approved for the reconstruction of this hall, and your performance will be after the reconstruction.

Expressing his regret that no specific time has been announced for the renovation of the Art Hall, he said: The series of words of the director of the hall and even the interview that Mr. Rafiei had in the last days of last year, did not announce a specific time for the start and end of the renovation. Meanwhile, everyone in the theater knows that for a theater group, the gap between rehearsal and performance means re-starting rehearsals and the erosion of the project. While Talar knew how many groups were rehearsing and what promises and appointments he had made with the directors. Couldn’t he keep the budget for the renovation so that the groups whose performances are scheduled to stage their shows and postpone the renovation to periods such as Muharram and Safar when the performances are more limited?

Mansouri continued: Not only has the start time of the renovation not yet been determined, its duration is also unclear because the coordination manager has announced a period of two to three months, but the director of the hall is talking about a 20-day renovation, while the theater community knows that the renovation of a performance hall in this Short term is not possible. Therefore, the first responsibility of the hall is to determine the exact date of the renovation so that the groups can plan their performances.

He went on to talk about an annoying point: Like most groups, we practiced our show in the Plateau Art Hall, and this, of course, is the work routine of the Art Hall, and it includes all groups except the groups that have space or possibility for more rehearsals. But the annoying thing is that when you, as a performance group, convey your protest to the director of the hall or expect him to announce a more accurate schedule so that you can respond to your group, they say that the hall will take the practice from us! My question is, why do we face such treatment at the slightest criticism, while I, as a director, am responsible for my group.

He emphasized: You can’t expect an actor to wait for a long time when he comes to work, until the task of performing that work is determined, that too in this difficult economic situation. In a situation where we all know how critical the theater economy is, it is good to be more responsible towards each other. It is not right that the salon manager pressures us to give a review two weeks early. Meanwhile, in dialogue with him, we have postponed the review until the end of April, and basically all these government facilities are better for the use of theater groups to produce works, and we are all obliged to help each other and produce better works together in this fluid theatrical life. Of course, considering the economic conditions of the society, the inflation rate and the state of the theater in the post-Corona period, etc., the economic crisis of theater groups and their vulnerable lives is not hidden from anyone, and more expenses for the plateau and the rehearsal place are the result of the shrinking of the limited and impoverished table. There are no theaters.

 All stories about the performance of the show The last rehearsal of the show with the old and new group of actors

The author of “Ebony Horse”, the selected show of the Tehran-Mubarak festival, noted at the same time: Of course, the hall itself does not yet know the exact date for receiving the funds and the start of the reconstruction period, in which case the reconstruction funds are a pending blessing that is not known when. It is available to the salon and whenever it is revealed, the salon must close all its programs so that this opportunity does not pass. But in the meantime, performing groups are the rock under Asia because we are the ones who ultimately bear all these pressures. While today, many groups that were rehearsing at the same time as us and their performances were postponed, have not yet started rehearsing or have canceled at all. If we had known from the beginning that our performance was going to be moved to Mehr and Aban, it would not have been necessary to start our practice before Eid.

Referring to the adverse effect of closing down the practice of a performance several times, he explained: When the performance is constantly delayed, the group suffers erosion. The essence of theater is a living art, and it is not like cinema that we record a few times and finish it, and then compile the best performance of the actor and show it a thousand times. A theater actor must have passion and energy to go on stage. If he is constantly worn out during the preparation stage, with what energy will he go on stage, will he have any life at all?!

Mansouri expressed his regret: The director of the Art Hall announced in our last conversation that your performance was approved in 1401 and I have no responsibility for it. It is true that my performance was from last year, but if it was delayed by a year, it was in conversation with them. Even he himself announced at the same time that we did not call for the year 1402 so that the groups whose performances were postponed could stage their works, and in fact they did not call for the performance in 1402. It is not a good thing that a manager suddenly leaves behind us and deprives us of the facilities of the hall, in the final weeks of rehearsal and before the revision and just before the long Nowruz holiday, and this way of talking is not befitting of a theater manager. . While the facilities of government theaters have been provided to managers to support theater groups and theater production, so that together we can create more quality works, but this way of speaking only causes annoyance and discouragement to theater groups and does not benefit the theater. We do not have

But Jalil Rafiei, director of the Art Hall, told ISNA: In 1400, Ms. Maryam Mansouri’s request to perform in 1401 was approved. They were supposed to go on stage in 1401, but they couldn’t, and we replaced them with another show, and they asked to perform again, and we announced that you should take another turn. In any case, they delayed their performance three times. In addition, they have not been reviewed yet, while we can give them a definite time to go through the review and get an implementation permit. Currently, they only have a text license and not a performance license.

He continued: Our priority is to implement the groups that have completed their review and have permission to perform, but since they postponed their review several times, our hands are legally tied. Therefore, they should first get permission to execute so that we can come to a conclusion about the schedule later.

Referring to the closure of some of the performances last year, Rafiei reminded: In the same situation that Ms. Mansouri’s group postponed their performance due to the social situation, several other groups went on stage. We respect the decision of both groups, but this is not the reason why the groups plan for the hall.

He explained: Currently, the performance of Mrs. Maryam Kazemi has been delayed. Ishan was supposed to go on stage on the 7th of April this year, but a month and a half ago, he announced that his performance would be postponed, and I quickly replaced him with another job.

In response to whether this group has done its review, the director of Art Hall explained: They will go for a review in the middle of this month and will perform it immediately. Anyway, the process of accepting the text until the performance has ups and downs, and we also know the problems of the groups, but the important thing is that the groups communicate with the hall and share their issues with us. Mrs. Mansouri’s problem is that they could not have the right timing for their performance. In addition, his text has been accepted by the Council of the Art Hall and considering that he is applying for a performance at the Hall of Art for the first time, his ability to direct has not yet been proven for the Council of the Hall. Of course, we suggested that they consult one of the members of the council, but we still do not have any information about their work, and they have not even shown us ten minutes of their work.

In response to the statement that the choice of a work consultant depends on the director’s taste, he said: It is not a question of taste, but a matter of professional principles. The art hall has a council and we have to try to put things on stage in this hall with the least weaknesses. Mrs. Mansouri is directing her first work at the Art Hall. If she had staged two or three professional children’s shows, her ability to direct children’s works would have been clear, but I cannot be fooled.

Referring to the age of Art Hall, Rafiei added: Art Hall is 60 years old and people should be proud to work there. Despite the delays that occurred, we still respected their group and the art hall gave this group a practice hall to the extent of its capacity, but we can no longer provide these services and they need to practice somewhere else and then go for a review.

In response to the question of when the restoration of the art hall will be done, he explained: We have been writing letters for almost a year. In 1401, experts from the Office of Construction Plans of the Ministry of Guidance visited the Hall of Art, confirmed the need for its reconstruction and approved a budget of 4 billion to do this work. They are now in the stage of selecting a contractor. Although it is our responsibility to follow up the work, but the timing is with the ministry and it is among the things that are not in our hands. Considering the administrative system, we have not shut down the works and we have also announced to the groups that we have a renovation, the timing of which is the responsibility of the ministry. However, we will definitely not start the reconstruction in the middle of a group’s performance and will postpone it until after the performance is over.


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