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Allocating 200,000 billion rials for Qarz al-Hasna facilities

According to the Iran Economist Sepah Bank information baseHamed Hiat Davoodian, a member of the Board of Directors of Sepah Bank, announced the allocation of more than 200,000 billion Rials of Qarz al-Hasna facilities to support the needy in 1401.

He said in the live TV program “In the Shelter of Love” of Channel 2 of Sima about the plans of Sepah Bank to grant Qarzat al-Hasna loans in 1401: “In 1399, we allocated 159 thousand billion Rials to Qarzat al-Hasna.” In 1400, 184 thousand billion Rials of Qarzat al-Hasna loan was paid, and we plan to allocate 200 to 220 thousand billion Rials to the good tradition of Qarzat al-Hasna this year, and we estimate that 50 to 60 percent of it will be allocated to marriage loans.

He reminded about the granting of Qarzat al-Hasna facilities: in the case of Qarzat al-Hasna, all cases related to Qarzat al-Hasna are done according to the law of interest-free banking operations in Sepah Bank.

In response to the question whether the recipients of the facilities will face a really difficult procedure, the Board of Trustees stated: The procedure is not difficult, but we have a duty to obtain the minimum documents according to the sections of the Central Bank; For example, a person applying for a medical loan must have documentation of the illness that has been approved by the hospital and the doctor.

He added: “We held various meetings with our colleagues and the necessary training was given, and since the esteemed government also emphasized that this loan should be provided to the needy with a minimum guarantee, we also put this important issue on our agenda.”

A member of the board of directors of Sepah Bank referred to the unsecured loan ordered by the Minister of Economy and Finance and added: “Those who receive their salaries from banks can receive Qarz al-Hasna facilities if they have the resources;” Because the salary is paid to the bank and the bank can deduct the installments on time and there is no need for a guarantor.

In response to the question of how it evaluates the year 1400, the Board of Davidians clarified: Fortunately, Sepah Bank allocated 184 thousand billion Rials to Qarz al-Hasna in 1400, of which 88 thousand billion Rials were paid for Qarz al-Hasna for marriage and job creation. شد. Therefore, Sepah Bank, in addition to its professional responsibility in the economy and money market, has not neglected its social responsibility.

A member of the board of directors of Sepah Bank also stated about the details of the marriage loan in 1401: The marriage loan facility for each of the couples whose marriage date was after 01/01/1397 is 120 million Tomans with a ten-year repayment period and Marriage loan facilities for couples under the age of twenty-five and women under the age of twenty-two will be 150 million Tomans, which Sepah Bank, as in previous years, will provide these loans to the applicants in the best way within the framework of the Central Bank rules.

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