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Allocation of 700 billion tomans of credit from social responsibility for Khuzestan / the need to increase production from common fields

According to Fars News Agency and quoting the public relations of the Ministry of Oil, Minister of Oil Javad Oji today (Friday, September 17) during a trip to Khuzestan province after visiting the 25 Fatah drilling rig in Ahvaz told reporters: I thank God that he succeeded My third provincial and business trip to Khuzestan; A province where 74% of the country’s oil production comes from its fields.

Referring to the importance of maintaining production in the joint oil and gas fields of the country, he added: “We promised Mr. Raisi that the development of joint oil and gas fields in this government will be assigned, some of these joint fields in Khuzestan province and Iraq.” Is; In this trip, we will review the process of projects and contracts that have been signed in the field of maintenance and the progress of these projects, as well as the development of new fields.

The Minister of Oil stated: “We are also closely monitoring the progress of projects in the joint fields of West Karun, some of which have been developed but are not complete, and other parts need to be completed and we should start the second or third phase of their development as soon as possible.”

* Maximum oil extraction from common fields is planned

Oji continued by stating that we are discussing the maximum extraction of oil from common fields: with more than 153 billion barrels of extractable oil, we have a good capacity for extraction from these reservoirs and oil fields.

Referring to his one-day trip to Khuzestan province, he said: “We will also visit the area of ​​independent oil and gas fields and say goodbye to our colleagues and get acquainted with the problems and challenges of these loved ones;” With the plans of the thirteenth government and with the efforts and help of the parliament, we will solve the problems of manpower (formal and contractual).

The Minister of Oil emphasized: “With the help and assistance of the members of parliament and the Energy Commission, especially Mr. Hassanvand, the chairman of this commission, we will pursue the issue of increasing the harvest from common fields and maintaining them by providing various ways.”

“We are ready for the capacity of domestic and foreign investors to develop the fields, with the priority of joint oil and gas fields in Oji,” Oji said. Use the form of various contracts and incentives provided by the government, parliament and the Energy Commission.

He added: “Unfortunately, in the last few years, the amount of investment that should have been made to maintain production has not been made, and God willing, with this view, contracts will be signed with the priority of domestic investors and we will reach the production capacity ceiling and above.”

* Allocation of 700 billion tomans of credit in the field of social responsibility for Khuzestan

Referring to the social responsibility of the Ministry of Oil, the Minister of Oil reminded: “We have considered good credits for Khuzestan province and projects in the fields of education, health and culture have been considered by the executive bodies of the province. The process of these projects is followed.” It is for these social responsibility projects that the people of this region benefit from the development of oil and gas projects.

Oji stated: The financing of residential units in Masjed Soleiman, which is done by the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution, has also been completed. More than 700 billion Tomans of credit in the field of social responsibility will be allocated for Khuzestan province.

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