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Alvand is the bride of the rooftops of Iran, the summer footsteps of thousands of climbers

The beautiful pattern of the pleasant and eye-catching heights of Alvand depicts the beautiful manifestations of the Lord’s creation, so that this region has become a passage and a paradise path for climbers and mountaineers. Alvand mountain range, the bride of Iran’s roofs, is ready to host those who choose the warm season and crossing the pristine nature to reach its peak. Elevation with deep valleys, springs, meadows, peaks, vegetation and its unique seasons during the months of the year is the meeting place of many mountaineers in the country.

This mountain range with natural and attractive features in the south of Hamedan and the north of Tuyserkan, in February 2011 was registered as a natural monument in the list of natural heritage of Iran.

Characteristics of Alvand for climbing and crossing its heights are divided into 2 halves of the year. In the first half of the year, due to favorable weather conditions and lush nature, we see a unique welcome of mountaineers to be present in this area and climb to its heights.

The characteristics of Alvand for climbing and crossing its heights are divided into 2 halves of the year, and the first half of it, due to the favorable weather conditions and lush nature, we see an unparalleled welcome of climbers.

Once upon a time, due to the lack of facilities, Alvand Mountain was not a safe area for inexperienced mountaineers, but now it has become one of the most equipped mountaineering areas in the country.

In fact, in the first half of the year, due to the favorable weather conditions, the general public travels to the Alvand heights, especially the Mishan plain; However, with the onset of winter and cold weather, professional and experienced mountaineers wear winter clothes and use special equipment to climb and climb the heights of this region.

Now, with the beginning of the season of numerous mountaineers and mountaineers, Alvand shelters from Tuyserkan to Hamedan have been equipped with the necessary equipment and facilities, and the Mountaineering and Climbing Board of Hamedan province has provided the conditions for accommodation and temporary rest for mountaineers by equipping and repairing the shelters. Is.

الوند; Birthplace of the great mountaineers of Iran

Alvand mountain range is the birthplace of the great mountaineers of Iran and has long been considered as the birthplace of prominent mountaineering personalities of the famous people of this sport.

The history of Hamedan mountaineering is full of famous people in this field and from the past to the present, it has always been one of the prominent mountaineering figures of Diar Alvand, including Commander Mohammad Jafar Asadi, the first Iranian to conquer the 8,000-meter peak, Jalal Cheshmeh Ghasabani, the conqueror of Mount Everest twice and several eight Another thousand meters, Hamid Olang, the conqueror of Mount Everest, the late Fereydoun Ismailzadeh, one of the great mountaineering instructors of the country, the late Hossein Talebi, one of the great mountaineering instructors of the country, the late Professor Mahmoud Ajal and dozens of other late mountaineers are remembered.

Climbers who were born in the heart of Alvand mountain range and set foot on the highest peaks of the world from the foot of this historical and touristic mountain.

Weekly climb of 50,000 climbers

The head of the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Board of Hamedan province says: 50,000 mountaineers climb the mountainous areas and heights of this province, especially the Alvand mountain range, on average during the week.

Alireza Gohari stated: At present, there are 6 shelters and four shelters in the heights of Hamedan province and on busy routes that provide suitable services such as accommodation and necessities to mountaineers.

He added: Hamedan province has a privileged and unique position in terms of having equipped shelters in the country, which provides effective and appropriate services to mountaineers in all seasons.

Gohari added: “Over the past two years, due to the Corona pandemic, the popularity of mountaineering and mountaineering sports fans has increased significantly, and now, on average, 50,000 mountaineers from Hamedan and neighboring provinces climb on holidays and weekends.” We are in the heights of the province.

At present, on average on holidays and weekends, we see the ascent of 50,000 mountaineers from Hamedan and neighboring provinces to the heights of the province.

Emphasizing that any climb, both group and individual, is required to have mountaineering equipment, he said: “Mountaineering is beautiful and attractive, full of potential dangers.”

The head of the Mountaineering and Sport Climbing Board of Hamadan Province added: Mountaineers who intend to climb the heights must have the necessary equipment with them.

Gohari, noting that the number of mountaineering and mountaineering enthusiasts is increasing in spring and winter, asked the mountaineers to observe the health and cleanliness of Alvand Mountain, especially their plain.


Mishan, the pleasant plain of climbers

Dasht-e Mishan, as one of the pristine areas of the mountainous heights of Hamedan, is considered a paradise for mountaineers in this city.

This plain has been a temporary residence of mountaineers for more than half a century who travel through this route in the cold and heat of the year to climb the high peaks of Alvand mountain range.

Mishan is located on the main ascent to Alvand Peak and its area is about one hectare and its height above sea level is 2,600 meters.

In the past, nomads in the west and southwest of the country used this plain as their summer migration; Because Mishan Square was full of running water, meadows and beautiful natural landscapes and a safe environment for setting up a black tent.

The vastness of the plain covered with grass has been used as a permanent place for climbers to rest and escape for half a century.

Of course, along this plain, pristine areas such as Takht Nader, Chaman Shahnazar and Takht-e Rostam also have a suitable location for mountaineers; The construction of the Dasht-e Mishan shelter caused climbers who are interested in group activities to use this place for their community and rest.

In fact, this plain is a wide area that climbers cross to climb the second refuge and Alvand peak.

This plain is one of the most popular areas in spring and autumn, especially during the holidays, and the construction of the Ganjnameh cable car has paved the way to reach this place in recent years.

Dasht-e Mishan Shelter is considered as one of the oldest shelters for mountaineers in Iran.

In 1345, the first shelter of Mishan Square was organized by the Hamedan Mountaineering Board by “Fereydoon Esmailzadeh”, the secretary of the board, “Akbar Salahi” the treasurer and “Arab Ali Shroveh” the secretary of the board and general mountaineers of Hamedan and with the support of the chairman of the mountaineering board “Abdullah Hajiloo” Was built.

This shelter, which was the second mountaineering shelter in Iran after “Shirpala” shelter, was built with the presence of a large number of mountaineering groups, Hamedan mountaineers and free mountaineers.

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