Has the Housing Deposit Facility Circular been notified to the banks?

According to Tejarat News, this year, the Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction announced the start of registration of applicants. Housing deposit facilities Announced on Thursday, June 3, 1401 by registering an application in the system of housing support plans.

Applicants for this year’s facility can go to the following address Visit and submit your request.

IRNA Many banks claimed in their statements that a new directive had not yet been sent to them, stating that it would take at least two to three months to send a new directive to the banks and that it would not be announced soon.

Bank facility officials said they did not have the credit to pay if they received the directive, and one bank even said that in the last months of last year, about 20 to 30 people queuing up to receive the facility were out of payment, because another bank He did not have the necessary credit to pay.

Does the National Bank provide housing deposit facilities?

The facility manager of Bank Melli, Fatemi Square branch, said: At the beginning of 1401, the central branch of Bank Melli in three letters strongly emphasized that this year it has no payment of housing deposit facilities.

Last year, the payment of facilities was done according to the directive of the Central Bank, but in the last days of the year, while 20 to 30 applicants who were waiting to receive the facilities, according to the order of the Central Branch, their payment was stopped due to lack of necessary credit. See other banks.

What about Bank Mellat?

The facility manager of Bank Mellat, a branch around Jihad Square, also announced that a circular on mortgage lending had been issued, but that no further details had been provided.

“A new applicant cannot be registered until more details are received,” he said. It is better to refer to the announcement site of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development first, and after this step, the person can select the relevant bank that is introduced on the site. Of course, it is not yet a good time to visit because it is not clear how many and because the story.

Sepah Bank?

The manager of Sepah Bank, who did not know at all about the announcement of the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development this year to pay the mortgage loan. He said: in the corona period, the payment of housing deposit facilities was done in the branches of Sepah Bank, but this year he has not received any circular in this regard.

He added: “I do not know that Sepah Bank will be one of the banks that pay mortgage loans during this period.”

What was the response of other banks?

In the continuation of this field report, the facility manager of Bank Saderat also said: a new directive regarding the payment of housing deposit facilities has not been notified to the bank yet.

He emphasized: it takes 2 to 3 months for the directive to pay the facilities to reach the banks from the central bank. For example, in the payment of childbearing facilities, after the order of the President, the directive of this loan reached the relevant bank.

The person in charge emphasized: he cannot help until he receives the circular and he should wait for the relevant circular.

The facility manager of Keshavarzi Bank in Valiasr Square also said: “Last year, Keshavarzi Bank was not on the list of banks that pay for housing deposit facilities, and this year it does not have a quota.”

He stated: The process of paying facilities in banks is complicated and time consuming. In the most optimistic case, the relevant facility will be credited to the applicant’s account within five to six months.

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