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Alvand; The bride of Iran’s roofs is ready for the winter stay of mountaineers

Alvand mountain range, the bride of the rooftops of Iran and the capital of the great climbers, these days, with the start of the cold season and the whiteness of its heights, it is equipped for the settlement and seasonal stay of climbers and is ready to host those who choose the cold season to reach this peak. Alvand mountain range has depicted a beautiful manifestation of God’s creation due to the beautiful carvings of the breathtaking and eye-catching heights, every season, especially winter, has become the destination of hundreds of prominent mountaineers and mountaineering groups.

The Alvand mountain range with its height of 3,574 meters above sea level with its deep valleys, springs, meadows, peaks, vegetation and unique seasons is a meeting place for a huge number of mountaineers in the country. This mountain range with its natural features and attractive, located in the south of Hamedan city and north of Tuisarkan city, in February 2009, it was registered as a natural work by the Organization of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism in the natural heritage list of Iran.

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The most equipped mountain in the country

The characteristics of Alvand for climbing and crossing its heights are divided into 2 halves of the year, and the second half of the year should witness the ascent of experienced and professional climbers. Due to the lack of facilities, Alvand mountain was not a safe zone for climbing inexperienced climbers, but now it is the most equipped. The country’s mountain climbing areas have changed. In fact, in the first half of the year, due to favorable weather conditions, the general public goes to the Alvand heights, especially the Mishan Plain; But with the start of the cold season, professional and experienced mountaineers put on winter clothes and climb the heights of this region with special equipment.

Now, with the start of the cold season, Alvand shelters from Tuiserkan to Hamedan have been equipped with heating equipment and facilities, and Hamedan’s climbing and climbing team has prepared the conditions for the temporary accommodation and rest of the climbers by implementing the plan to equip and restore the shelters.


The birthplace of mountain kings

Hamedan’s climbing sport has more than a hundred years of documented history in climbing Alvand peak, and for the first time the late “Mahmoud Ajal”, the climbing legend of Hamedan, climbed Alvand peak at the age of seven.

The history of climbing in Hamedan is full of the names of the founders of this sports field, and from the past to the present, there are always prominent figures of climbing in Diyar Al-Vand, including Timsar Mohammad Jaafar Asadi, the first Iranian conqueror of the 8,000-meter peak, Jalal Cheshme Kasabani, the conqueror of Everest twice and several eight peaks. In another thousand meters, Hamid Olanj, the conqueror of Mount Everest, Shadervan Fereydon Ismailzadeh, one of the great mountain climbing coaches of the country, Shadervan Hossein Talebi Moghadam, one of the greats in the field of rock climbing coaching of the country, the late Master Mahmoud Ajal and dozens of other deceased mountaineers are remembered.

Mountaineers who were born in the heart of Alvand mountain range and from the lap of this historical and touristic mountain took a step to conquer the highest peaks of the world.

11 shelters and shelters in Hamedan mountains

The head of Hamedan climbing and climbing committee says: We currently have 11 shelters and shelters in Hamedan, and they are going to be organized with the real assistance of the general director of sports and youth of the province.

“Alireza Gohari” added: “We have as many sub-categories as a federation, and we are the only field for which a field is not defined, and all the natural parts of the country are the field of activity for the athletes of this field, and in fact we have no borders, and one of our most important annual plans is to equip mountain shelters.” .

He pointed out that there are necessary standards in terms of the number of shelters in Hamedan’s mountain level, and added: These shelters are located in the high areas of Meyshan Square, Kalag Laneh, Laghar, Yal Kobud, Qezal, Shahneshin and Kargez.

Hamedan shelters are located in the high areas of Mishan Square, Kalag Laneh, Laghlar, Yal Kobod, Qezal, Shahneshin and Kargez.

He said: Every year we repair and equip the shelters and now we are ready to welcome mountaineers in the highlands of the province.

Gohari pointed out: Most of the ascents are made towards Mishan plain of Hamedan, and based on this, we had a visit with the general director of sports and youth of the province and it was agreed that the necessary assistance would be provided based on the essential needs of the shelters.

He said: fuel is an essential and heating requirement of the shelters of Dasht Mishan in the autumn and winter seasons, and to supply it in the remaining months of the year, the sports equipment provides the necessary support.

The head of the Hamedan Mountaineering and Sports Climbing Committee continued: Hamedan is unique in terms of having well-equipped shelters in the country and provides services to climbers in all seasons.


Winter equipment necessary for mountain climbing

Pointing out that Hamadan has long been the meeting place for mountain climbers in the country, Gohri said: In the winter season, nearly 10,000 climbers climb in this province every week.

He said: Of course, this number reaches more than 50 thousand climbers in summer and spring, but winter season is more specialized in terms of weather and the difficulty of the route.

Emphasizing that any ascent, both group and individual, is required to carry climbing equipment, Gohri said: Mountaineering is beautiful and attractive, but full of possible dangers.

The head of the Hamedan Mountaineering Board noted: When snowfall is predicted in the province, climbing to heights, especially for less experienced people, is not recommended in any way and it is better to get the necessary information about the weather conditions before sending. .

Hamedan is considered one of the most important mountain climbing areas in the country, and Alvand mountain range hosts national and international climbing groups every year.


Hamedan is the country’s climbing destination

Director General of Sports and Youth of Hamedan also said: Considering that Hamedan is one of the main destinations for mountaineers in the country, shelters have been prepared.

“Ali Haghighi” added: The shelter of Dasht Mishan, which is the most frequented route for mountaineers, was visited and the necessary points for better equipping these places were emphasized and the necessary instructions were given.

He said: Considering the cold season and the ascent of mountaineers from all over the country to Alvand peak, it was necessary to provide the necessary infrastructure to equip the shelters and we are ready to host any mountaineer groups in the country.

Haghigi said that our view on mountaineering is not just a sport, and continued: Sports tourism is one of our most important goals in developing and equipping the infrastructure of mountaineering sports, and since this province is prone to mountain disciplines, necessary planning should be done.

Hamedan Sports Director General stated that our view on mountaineering is not just a sport, he continued: Sports tourism is one of our most important goals in developing and equipping the infrastructure of mountaineering sports and since this province is prone to mountain disciplines, necessary planning should be done. .

He added: Hamadan has been introduced as the mountaineering capital of the country for a long time, but its capacities have not been developed for the development of sports tourism, especially mountain tourism, and it needs a comprehensive and targeted program.

He pointed out that, along with climbers from other provinces, the people of Hamadani have a great appreciation for mountaineering, and said: We expect them to climb the designated routes while observing the necessary safety precautions.

Director General of Sports and Youth of Hamedan stated: It should be noted that due to the beginning of the cold season and unfavorable weather conditions, winter equipment should also be used when climbing.

He advised: Mountaineers should climb and climb in groups and avoid solo climbs.

Mishan, the main destination for mountaineers

Mishan Plain, as one of the pristine areas of Hamedan’s mountainous heights, is considered the heavenly abode of this city’s climbers, and for more than half a century, it has been a temporary residence for climbers who travel through this route in the cold and heat of the year to climb to the high peak of Alvand mountain range.

Mishan is located on the main route to Alvand peak and its area is about one hectare and its height reaches 2,600 meters above sea level.

In the past, the nomads of the west and southwest of the country used this plain as their summer camp; Because Mishan Square was full of running water, grass and beautiful natural scenery and a safe environment for setting up a black tent.

The expanse of this plain covered with grass has been used as a permanent resting place for climbers since half a century ago.

Of course, besides this plain, pristine areas such as Takht Nader, Chaman Shah Nazar and Takht Rostam also have a suitable location for the stay of mountaineers; As a result of the construction of the Mishan Desert shelter, mountaineers who are interested in group activities use this place for their community and rest.

In fact, this is a wide plain that climbers cross to climb to the second shelter and Alvand peak.

This plain is one of the most popular areas in spring and autumn, especially during holidays, and the construction of the Ganj Nameh cable car over the past years has paved the way to access this place.

Dasht Mishan Shelter is considered as one of the oldest shelters for mountaineers in Iran. In 1345, the first shelter of Mishan Square was established by the efforts of Hamedan Mountaineering Committee “Feridon Ismailzadeh”, secretary of the committee, “Akbar Selahi” treasurer, and “Arab Ali Shrouh” secretary of the committee. and the general climbers of Hamedan and it was built with the support of the head of the mountaineering board at the time “Abdullah Hajilo”.

This shelter, which was the second climbing shelter in Iran after the “Shirpla” shelter, was built with the presence of a large number of climbing groups, Hamedan climbers and Azad climbers.

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