Amir Abdullahian: The Zionist regime is the most important cause of instability and insecurity in the region

According to the Fars News Agency’s Foreign Policy Group, the article of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, was published in Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper on the eve of Quds Day.

The Foreign Minister wrote in this article: World Al-Quds Day, which coincides with the last Friday of the holy month of Ramadan every year, on August 7, 1979, at the initiative of Imam Khomeini and in support of the Palestinian nation and cause, has been named a new stage of solidarity with The Palestinian people begin. Hence, Al-Quds Day is a unique manifestation of the unity of Muslims to condemn the crimes and denounce the racist and inhuman temperament of the Zionists and a symbol of resistance. Undoubtedly, the establishment of the illegitimate and fake existence of the Zionist regime since 1948 has become the most important factor of instability and insecurity in the West Asian region. The oppressed and resilient people of Palestine, with the support of the Muslims and the free people of the world, have risen up against this great oppression and have confused this fake regime with a chain of Palestinian intifadas.

“Throughout these years, the existence of at least three main factors has made Palestine the most important issue in the Islamic world,” the article said. First, the nature of the land of Palestine, its sanctity and its place among the followers of Islam; Second, the nature of the Zionist enemy and its religious and historical claims and its expansionist and occupier spirit; Third; The nature of the Western-Zionist coalition, which seeks to divide and weaken the Muslim ummah in the hope that Islamic countries will remain dependent on the great powers.

* The Zionist regime is the main cause of permanent insecurity in the region

The head of the diplomatic corps adds in this article: The Zionist regime with insane actions such as mass punishments (violation of the “principle of determining the fate of the Palestinians”), siege of Gaza, completion of the barrier, deportation and forced relocation of more than 5.7 million Palestinians, assassination of commanders And the Palestinian Mujahideen and other Arab and Islamic countries, the destruction of agricultural lands in the Gaza Strip, efforts to implement the plan to Judaize Jerusalem by continuing settlements, demolition of Palestinian homes, increasing military presence and surveillance in East Jerusalem, banning Palestinian citizens living in Jerusalem and Revocation of his ID card and revocation of the permanent residence permit of Palestinians living in Jerusalem (in violation of international laws and agreements, especially Article 43 of the Hague Convention and the Fourth Geneva Convention) The promotion of settlements, the secession of the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, and the Judaization of Jerusalem, the Golan Heights and the Negro, etc., violate the fundamental rights of the Palestinians and are a major cause of permanent insecurity in the region.

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The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran writes: “While the criminal logic of the child-killing Zionist regime in the last seven decades has left nothing but murder, racism and hypocrisy in the region, but unfortunately we see that some Islamic countries turn a blind eye to On these sinister crimes, they fell into the trap of the Western-Zionist axis and committed a historic but reversible mistake in the form of the so-called Abrahamic Covenant.

According to Amir Abdullahian, unfortunately, the process of normalization of relations between some Arab and Islamic countries with the occupying regime in Jerusalem has made the Zionists bolder to spread their savagery. The recent desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque is a sign of this. Undoubtedly, this agreement is the evil plan of the West-Zionism to create divisions and differences between Islamic countries with the aim of giving the wrong address as a source of permanent threat and insecurity in the region.

* The Zionist regime is the main violator of human rights in the world

The article also states: The Zionist regime is the most important source of insecurity and a threat to international peace and security, and is the major violator of human rights in the world. The occupying regime in Jerusalem is the only regime in the region that has dozens of nuclear warheads and has renounced membership in the International Atomic Energy Agency and related safeguards. Contrary to this fact, during these years, the political-military support of Western human rights claimants to the Zionist regime has continued without any restrictions. For example, we see how the Americans, with their double standards, have opposed or opposed resolutions against the regime in the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, UNESCO, and the like. Washington has used the veto more than 40 times in the interests of the Zionist regime, and this shows the biased views of Western countries in supporting the Zionist regime and ignoring the rights of the Palestinians.

“The international community has a major role to play in ending this long silence and ensuring an end to the occupation and the human rights of the Palestinian people,” he said.

* The will of the resistance is never wavering

“Operation Saif al-Quds in support of the Al-Aqsa Mosque came as a shock to the fake Israeli regime,” the foreign minister said in the article. The Palestinians and all the Palestinians in the world figured it out. The Zionist occupiers and their global supporters must know that the will of the resistance will never be shaken, and that the Islamic resistance will continue in its various forms and forms in support of the oppressed people of Palestine.

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The article also states: “Undoubtedly, the Islamic resistance against the Zionist occupation and deviation in the occupied territories, Lebanon, Syria and other Islamic countries, will provide the prelude to the end of this deviation and filthy gland.” As the Battle of Saif al-Quds showed how high the capacity of the resistance is and is increasing day by day. It is worth mentioning the great commander of the Resistance and Freedom of Holy Quds, Hajj Qassem Soleimani, who with continuous struggle and prudence made such seedlings of resistance fruitful and effective that today the field of resistance is the main axis of any effective action against Zionism and in defense of the oppressed.

This article also emphasizes: The Islamic Republic of Iran, as in the past, will spare no effort to protect the legitimate and usurped rights of the Palestinian people. According to the political and democratic plan of the Islamic Republic of Iran registered with the UN Secretariat, resolving the Palestinian issue, ending the occupation and holding a referendum with the presence of the main inhabitants of the Palestinian Territory and all refugees are to determine the task. The return of Palestinian refugees to their homeland and the holding of a referendum among the noble people of this land to determine the fate and type of political system is the most effective way to resolve this conflict. According to the plan, Muslims, Jews and Christians of Palestinian origin will be able to choose the kind of legal system that governs their destiny and enjoy its rights freely and equally. This plan, which is based on the principles of democracy and international law and accepted by all states and nations, can certainly be a good alternative to the previous failed plans.

Amir Abdullahian wrote at the end of this article: At the end; I call on all the people of Islamic Iran, the Muslims of the world, the freedom-seekers and the awakened consciences of the world to express their support and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine by celebrating this great day with their glorious presence in the ceremonies and marches of World Al-Quds Day.

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