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Announcing the preparation and participation of Turkish filmmakers in holding the 17th International Resistance Film Festival

According to Fars news agency, the representatives of the anti-imperialist party of Turkey, while visiting the process of holding the international resistance film festival, announced their readiness to publish and promote the festival throughout the provinces of Turkey.

In this intimate meeting, Dr. Jalal Ghaffari pointed out the necessity of holding a festival with the slogan of the liberation of Quds-e-Sharif and the programs of this festival in the international field and said: the ultimate goal of the oppressed is the freedom of Quds-e-Sharif, and the world without Israel with cultural, artistic measures and struggle The people of thought and art seem to be more attainable than ever.

Dr. Ghafari added: “Resistance Film Festival has a wide capacity in the international field and we can have good joint achievements in terms of cultural diplomacy with our regional friends and neighbors.”

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, CEO of the Revolution Cinema and Holy Defense Association, while expressing his happiness at the presence of this group of student filmmakers in Iran, said: There are many cultural commonalities between the two nations of Iran and Turkey, and these cultural commonalities can be used as a basis for production. Joint cinematographic works and holding educational workshops with the presence of prominent professors and transferring the experiences of the two countries.

In the continuation of this meeting, Dr. Momeniha, the head of the festival’s international committee, stated that the presence of this group of cultural elites of Turkey, with an anti-imperialist approach, can be a suitable capacity for the festival, and added: The approach and direction of the festival is anti-imperialist, and every filmmaker from Anywhere in the world with any thought and religious orientation can send his work to the festival. Our resistance is global resistance against tyranny and tyranny, and we welcome any film that includes these themes.

Introducing Turkish filmmakers to the festival, holding film weeks in Turkey and strengthening the relations between the two countries in the field of cinema were among the issues that were discussed in this meeting.

In a part of this meeting, Dr. Mohsen Rafiei, the executive secretary of the festival, stated that Iran and Turkey are two brother and friend countries and the cultural affinity of the two countries has a long history, and said: Many common cultural customs between Iran and Anatolia still exist. Current culture in Anatolia has the flavor of Iranian culture. Cultural affinity has always existed between the nations of Iran and Turkey. This kinship found a functional role in the constitutional revolution and turned into cooperation and companionship in the Islamic revolution of Iran.

He added: The cultural programs codified in Iran are completely designed with anti-colonial and anti-dominion goals of global imperialism and Zionism, and the International Resistance Film Festival is completely in line with this policy. Undoubtedly, with the presence of educated representatives of this popular and noble party, we will see a good reception of the resistance film festival in Turkey. Cultural relations between Iran and Turkey are unbreakable.

Kayahan Chitan, head of the youth union of the Watan party and head of the delegation to Iran, said: I am very happy to be in the original and ancient country of Iran and I am very proud to be familiar with this important anti-imperialist festival of the world.
Turkey and Iran have cultural relations and many commonalities and are influenced by each other. We have carried out many anti-American actions inside Turkey, and we will again use all our power and cultural capacities to support the resistance movement and especially the special support for the oppressed people of Palestine.

He added: “Holding a big and important event like the International Resistance Film Festival is very important, and in the world arena, we should be able to tell the story of the resistance front in opposition to the global oppression and tyranny with the noble and eloquent language of art.”
In this meeting; Dr. Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Managing Director of the Revolution and Sacred Defense Cinema Association, Dr. Jalal Ghaffari, Secretary of the 17th International Resistance Film Festival, Dr. Mohsen Rafiei, Executive Secretary of the Festival, Dr. Mohammad Ali Momeniha, Director of the International Committee of the Festival, and Javad Tamdani, Director of Public Relations of the Festival from Iran, along with Kayahan Chitan (Chairman of Vatan Youth Non-governmental Organization), Barash Demir Alai (Chairman of Vatan Youth Union), Mrs. Duigokara Bulot (Deputy of Vatan Youth Union), Taha Kuchuk Oygun and Gok Alp Arbash (members of the Board of Directors of Vatan Youth Union), along with Gurgan Demir, the media representative of this union, was present.

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